Wednesday, June 24, 2015


             Dear Friends in the Faith,

                       I'm sharing this video below to get your attention. Let's be honest about our condition, we are not in good shape as Americans. I challenge you to be honest about your own personal journey with Jesus Christ as it relates to your engaging faith in culture.  PLEASE ADJUST YOUR SCHEDULE AND JOIN ME IN PRAYER THIS SUNDAY JUNE 28TH @ 5 P.M. AS WE FALL ON OUR KNEES AND SEEK THE MERCY OF GOD FOR OUR NATION.

              On the brighter side of the reality of our times, I truly believe the best days could be ahead of America if we truly repent, change and go into our culture and win and infleunce people for God's kingdom purposes. God's mission for us is not to give up and let sin conquer any land, but rather for God's people to arise with His anointing and go forth and see a culture and nation transformed. I still believe it , do you? I believe our actions in prayer and our attention to the local church involvement tells that story better then anything that comes off our lips. I believe it's not too late, but before you make up your mind please watch the video below. All I could say was WOW!


Peter Migner

Hope to see you all this Sunday !

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