Sunday, September 28, 2008

War on God in America

Get Involved! It's not too late if enough people respond and pray! Below is what i will be sending to my congressman and senators. Hope my idea inspire and help you to so the same.

Dear Congressman ,

I realize there are allot of pressing issues that you deal with in Washington on behalf of the citizens on Virginia. Currently the bailout controversy is among them. But this issue of removing reference to God and other spiritual and biblical references is a very important issue for me and many other Christian biblical Americans. Please help shut down the new Capital visitors center until the history is corrected. Please review this video by Wall builders as to what I am referring too. Since $554 million has been ear marked to create this center with my tax dollars I expect all historical references of God to be included to properly and accurately represent the past history of America. Also the mint creating the new presidential dollar coins without "in God we trust" on them. This is another area of my protest and displeasure with the Federal government and it's action to remove references of God from our country and culture. Please take action to have those coins recalled. In the meantime I refuse to receive one and spend one if it were given to me. Thanks for your willingness your staff's time and ability to respond to me asto your position on these concerns and what you will do to represent me.


Will you Join me in calling and writing ? Review the video and email your congressman and call good ole Nancy P. and the Switchboard in D.C. the numbers listed below. It's one thing to agree and feel the pain of our culture, but a step of true care is when we respond with a call of action.

speaker Pelosi's 202-225--0100

capital switchboard 202-224-3121

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