Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas year is the most celebrated holiday of the entire year. Regardless of what someone’s faith might be, there just seems to be an acceptance of the giving of gifts in the Christian tradition. However, let us remember the truth behind all the traditions of Christmas and its trimmings. With children at home, I love this time of the year. My seven year old gets so excited and my special needs son starts singing Christmas songs. Everyone in my family enjoys the season in so many different ways. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year. But behind all the man-made traditions of Christmas trees, Santa Claus, reindeer and so forth, there is a true story that is historical, biblical and very miraculous.

A child named Jesus was born to a virgin woman named Mary. It was first and only time that this encounter has happened between God and man. It is true that they travelled likely a six day journey because of the census bureau of the day. Please keep in mind how easy you have it this year when your form comes in the mail from the 2010 census bureau with 10 questions, What can take us 10 minutes of our time took Mary and Joseph on a journey of a lifetime when they went to register for the census.

When the day for his birth arrived, they ended up in an animal shelter in a busy city with no available rooms. After Jesus was born, angels proclaimed this historic news to a group of hillside shepherds who probably smelled as bad as the animals they worked with. Jesus was born as the King of the Jews, but he certainly was not born with a silver spoon in his hand or in a palace.

Sometime later, while this new young family was adjusting to life with a newborn in the city of Bethlehem, a caravan of Magi arrived after a brief visit to King Herod in Jerusalem. This was when the political and religious world were clued in. The prophesied Messiah was born. I still am amazed at how many of the religious leaders of the day missed it. However, the wise men from the far east had been watching, looking in the scriptures as they discovered a historical event. This event caused them such excitement, that they journeyed perhaps months to find this child. When they did find the child born of a virgin they presented the family with 3 precious gifts to acknowledge him as a Prophet, Priest and King.

Within a day the family headed south to Egypt, the wise men returned by a different route, and King Herod had approximately two thousand male children ages 2 and under murdered in Bethlehem. He was hoping to kill the new King of the Jews.

Centuries later, we still find ourselves celebrating His birth. It is the day when God birthed His own Son from eternity into the human race, announced it to poor shepherds by way of a host of angels and placed a star in the sky to lead foreign rulers to the Roman Empire acknowledging Him as king.

Today children still learn, adults still wonder and many truly believe. I am glad I can enjoy it all, but especially the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus was born as the anointed Messiah and King.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas From the Migners

12 Months in Review!

2009 Has been the fullest year of activities of our lives. God indeed gives us times and seasons that vary from year to year, but this past year was indeed the fullest of everything. The video associated with the letter is truly only a snap shot.

In January we moved to Deland Florida to fulfill the call to pastor after 9 wonderful years of our children’s lives in Central Virginia. After many boxes, moving vans we are almost adjusted in our new home.

In February I was off to a Revival session on Saint Simmons Island where we webcasted, taught and enjoyed the presence of God with Elaine Pettit Ministries.

In March we celebrated a couple birthdays as we enjoyed the warm Florida winter and I took in my first Biker Week in Daytona as we adapted and to living in a city among a great people of God in DeLand.

In April we enjoyed many great church services as welcomed a new church staff member to our church. Becky headed to Boston by car to take Chelsea to the regional Teen quiz competition where Chelsea was picked for the world quiz team. Peter took the boys to Atlanta for Newman’s first Regional Invitational Quiz.

In May we adjusted to the warm summer kicking into to gear along with trips to the beach which is only 25 miles away as we entertained many friends who travel to Fl for vacations. Peter headed to Columbus for second Revival Waiting School.

In June we drove to Virginia for Chelsea’s high school graduation and the day after people went to Maine to celebrate with His mom her 90th birthday and then fly home with her just in time for revival. The day after revival it was off to Orlando for the General Assembly of the church of the Nazarene where Chelsea competed in World Quizzing and Newman as well in Children world quizzing.

In July we hosted 29 adults from Papua New Guinea (PNG) that will forever impact our hearts and lives and Peter worked daily for over 10 days hosting many of these visitors to America. They slept on the floors and throughout the parsonage. During part of this time Becky and the kids returned to Virginia to visit family.

In August Peter, Becky dad and a few others headed to Alaska for a work and witness team while Becky with the kids in early August to Virginia for family camp. In mid August we hosted VBS in our church and saw a great influx with new lives in our church. In late August Peter went to Maine again for a revival with Elaine Pettit Ministries, while Becky took Chelsea off to College in Mount Vernon Ohio to Mount Vernon Nazarene University. ( MVNU).

In September we stayed home and started up health children and youth ministries and got use to Chelsea being away from home the best we could. We made several more trips to the beach and continue to enjoy our ministry and families times in our new home while Peter made a short 7 hours trip to Panama City for the pastor retreat on the district.

In October we headed to the soccer fields with Brigette and Newman, while Rayna discovered new friends and new connections through Young Life and Levi discovered the world of bowling. Chelsea fly home for a fall break as we celebrated her 18th birthday with her.

In November we celebrated 20 years of marriage enjoyed the warm weather and welcome more people into our new church home as we have seen health growth over the past 11 months. We took a week’s vacation as we headed to Lynchburg, Va for Thanksgiving and reunited briefly with Chelsea who drove with Aunt Phyllis from College.

Now December is moving fast with Christmas parades, parties and lights. Now is a time to thank you our friends and family for your love and blessings throughout the years. It has been a very busy year and our collective driving and flight miles as a family rounded off just over 40,000 miles.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why do you attend the church you do?

As a pastor I seek to grow and develop our church so that we might win some to Christ.

When I began thinking about why people attend a certain church it made me think about my why as well.

First my why changed from not being a Christian to becoming one. Therefore, from that point on the Lord lead me to a church.

Once inside the doors it was the people that keep me coming back. It was not the music, the buildings or the programs or activities, but the people. In particular at age 19 it was a young teenage that kept me coming back.

Now as I fast forward 20 something years ahead I see we live in such a different day. Attending a church as a Christian is a must from a biblical point of view, yet it has become somewhat optional from those who make a profession.

As I think about even the few times we visited strange new churches on vacations as a family it was always the people that we were attracted too. It was ALWAYS about connecting with someone or several. Since Christ is in our, who is the hope of glory it makes sense that we are the attraction or not

Some churches are truly very friendly and people hang around chatting after a service or function while many come and leave as quickly as possible it seems.

As I begin to think about reaching into peoples lives today with a message of the gospel I process several things. One, if they attend a church already or not. If so, I ask more questions to see how close we might be on the same page in Christ and enjoy that common bond as God allows.

Two, If they do not attend or belong to a church or fellowship or do not really have a clear profession of faith, then I look to find some common ground and begin try to begin a relationship without the constraints of Church having to be part of that connection or relationship, even though I will share and invite when the timing I feel is best.

Truly people want to be loved and cared for without expectations. After living in FL for 10 months now I have a number of new and growing contracts. Of those, 4 have attended some sort of church function and meet other people, yet most have not gone much beyond that yet. It takes time, prayer and common interest to win people to Christ. But it especially takes a friendly church environment to keep them as well.
The next time you attend church think about your availability to be connected with someone new. You may not invite someone new, but your friendliness or lack there of could determine if someone who came once will want to come back again.
When was the last time you invited someone new into your home, church, life events or out to grab a coffee or meal?

Let us win the lost and connect with people in truly caring ways.

8 years ago my daughter was on a T- ball team and we connected with one family out of dozens and today they are full members of our last church and serving the Lord with all their hearts.
Let us wins some by our love and friendships .

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Friday, September 25, 2009

IS God a Vending Machine?

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"Thank you for tuning into today's broadcast and we are here to bless you and help you with your breakthrough. Just send your gift of $100.00 or more to our ministry and plant your seed of faith with us today and prepare for your miracle". Change the amount and change the appeal or the product, but it all boils down too send your gift first into some ministry by faith and wait and watch for God to give you what you need. It is a vending machine concept of God and it has polluted the hearts and minds of untold millions.

Where is the faith action of the ministry? Why are they not sending out free CD's, books and Dvd's without strings attached as their seed of faith to hungry and hurting people? This past week 3 people in two days came to our church office for a handout, but they had nothing in hand. In nine months I have filled gas tanks, bought food and given some personal cash to folks. The best one was the guy driving the Jaguar who forgot his wallet on the way to Jacksonville from Lakeland and ran out of gas on his way to the hospital where his 12 year old grandson was dead with his daughter waiting on him tog et there to grieve and comfort one another. It was a great and compelling story and I felt compelled to just give him personal money. So between my associate and I we gave him 20.00 cash to help him. He asked for our address because he was just borrowing it and would send it back. Well. it's been over 40 days now and I have not heard a word.

So this past week two people came in while I was in a meeting and both within 1 hour of each other. Then the third person came the next day and asked for a refrigerator. Yep you got it! This man said he took the bus from 30 minutes away going to different ministries looking for a Frig. I told him I did not have a frig to give him. Then he asked me to ask my congregation for one ( as if they were inside worshiping as we spoke). After I refused his appeals with no, no, no, he asked me what does our church do for people? In essence, what do we give people to help them?

These were good questions, but his assumption was that churches were suppose to be equipped for helping people with whatever they needed to solve their problems. If I had followed his desires to the end exactly as he requested I would have needed several hours time, resources and a truck to fulfill his request of "The church". Well, I did not have a frig or a truck or time to go figure it out at the moment. So he left shaking his head is disbelief that I could even consider myself a pastor representing a church without dropping everything to solve his problem.

Where did he get that kind of understanding of God from? Where happened to personal responsibility? Has Television evangelism and broadcasting assisted a culture to perceive that God is a vending machine? The man wanting a refrigerator expected, yet he had nothing to give and never offered any type of faith action like all the TV preachers expect. He just asked and did not receive.

I’ve been a believer since 1981. As a young man I was discipled in the Lord in a local church. It was in the local church that I was sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit. It was in and through the local church that I received my call to ministry and was baptized and preached my first sermon. In those early years of my life I never really paid much attention as to why people were preaching on TV or even what they had to say or what they wanted. Today the airwaves are full of preachers of which I believe are mostly charlatans doing more damage to the cause of Christ while propagating a vending machine theology of God.

Lets define what a charlatan is before we move ahead to much more: a charlatan is a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretence or deception.

In 2009 there are more programs on TV, radio, cable and satellite then I could ever possibly watch or consume. This does not even include the countless programs that are now broadcasting on the internet and radio.

The other day I was surfing the web and ended up on a website about prayer. It was an independent ministry with theological beliefs that included prosperity doctrines. From there I ended up on a directory of hundreds of other ministries with daily or weekly broadcasts. The next thing I knew some preacher was on my laptop screen using scriptures to tell me "the viewer" why I needed to send them money. The scriptural story was true and the preacher seemed genuine, but there was something about the whole process that just rubbed me wrong. It was a vending machine theology message. It was give and then you shall receive.

It was then that I realized this was one of many charlatans on the air/internet using God and scripture over the last 40 years that has appealed to peoples’ emotional and personal problems to get funds for their means whatever they maybe.

We must remind ourselves that giving money to the work of God must fit into scriptural guidelines. In every biblical account whenever anyone was releasing or giving tithes or offerings it was to the local ministry and community. It was all personal and accountable locally. The motive to give to God was obedience and generosity for God's glory not for ones return.

Over the years I have seen very few ministries that I can honestly say would fit the biblical mandate for giving money too. Regardless if they are TV, Radio or internet based, very few truly share a good message of hope without the expectation or desire for anything in return. They almost always ask for support to stay on and keep the ministry going and how your donation is SO NEEDED to continue. One of few I can recall that is so careful to never even ask or suggest giving is the Michael Guido Ministries out of Meter, Ga. Michael just passed away this year at about age 92 and was known for his TV and radio broadcast called “Seed from the Sower”. I personal meet Michael and heard his heart and story in the summer of 2007 while on sabbatical. He never asked for money as it was associated with the gospel. He only asked for prayer requests and the opportunity to help people find Christ.

I eventually signed up on his mailing list and once a month I still get a letter and materials for my spiritual growth and encouragement along with an envelop for any contribution I may desire to give to support his ministry with. There is never even a hint for a suggest amount either.

Regardless of how great a preacher someone is and or even how doctrinally sound they are, I am more convinced then ever that if that local preacher/ ministry is asking you for your money they are a modern day charlatan. I don’t care how many people attend their church or how many books they have written and sold or how many TV programs they have spoken on. I know this may sound harsh, but I am persuaded we have a lot of misguided professing ministers more concerned about getting funds into their own ministry then they are in giving away the message of hope and salvation without price.

Imagine a preacher just saying please request your free CD or DVD. Why are they asking for even a suggested donation? Can they not trust God to supply their needs as they give away the gospel and pay the cost for materials and shipping and handling? Where is the faith of those who are broadcasting the message of hope?

I know Michael Guido operated that way. I recall a story he told about how someone walked into his office and asked if they could write him a check and what his needs were. Since the man asked Michael he shared the need of the ministry. He said a few months later the man walked in and wrote a substantial check and went beyond the original need. Wow imagine that! He never asked for a thing, but just gave and gave and trusted God to meet the needs of the ministry. I am inspired by the life of Michael Guido and I am sickened by the hundreds of charlatans who keep asking for money and becoming even so bold to tell people how much to send.

The saddest part of today's broadcasted ministries is that they are appealing to listeners and viewers according to the needs of the flesh and turning the Holy Gospel message into a means of ungodly gain for self propagation in a day of great self centeredness.

Viewers beware! Everyone watching and listening should go through a criteria process before giving to any ministry. Here are questions you should review the next time you feel compelled to give to a broadcasting ministry.

1. Would my pastor and local church approve of this ministry I am drawn to give too? Why or Why not?

2. I am currently giving locally in obedience to scriptures to my local church without anything in return?

3. What does the broadcasted ministry offer you that your local home church does not?

4. Are you considering giving for what you hope will happen to you later?

5. Does the ministry release its financial records for accountability if requested?

In these last days we are warned in scriptures that many false prophets and false gospels will arise to deceive many. That day is here and many are being led away by charlatan vending machine preachers. Be careful and consider these things before you swallow anything coming at you on those polluted transmission waves.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Are you a Sabbath breaker?

This fall I have been in a sermon series on the 10 commandments. It seems so basic to so many that I think as Christian's we just assume we obey these 10 without a hitch. I think we often jump to the bottom half and say, "well I don't steal, lie or cheat on my spouse and I go to church and believe in God". Well good for you! However, what about the sabbath? Do you truly rest one day a week? If you do rest, is that day of rest given to playing catch up or self indulgence activities? Did you realize that Sunday is now the biggest shopping day of the week. Our culture does not help encourage a sabbath break anymore with the blue laws officially off the books and with a culture that now stays open 24/7 what are Christina to do? Regardless of the culture position His Word and the Holy Scriptures stands firm that man is too take a full day once a week to rest and acknowledge Him in community worship. But do we really observe the Sabbath as God would have us anymore?

As I was reviewing this forth commandment in preparation to preaching on a few Sunday's ago it caused me to really look at what God expected out of us then and now in obedience to this commandment. As I compared it to our American culture today i sensed we really do not observe this command as originally intended for the rest of man. . Do you remember when they had the blue laws? Those laws have since fallen off the law books and the American landscape and it happened right before my own growing up years. However the blue law influence was still in place among Christians for many years after.

We know from the scriptures that the day of rest was made for man and not man made for the sabbath. One of the first violations of working on the sabbath in the Old Testament resulted in the stoning to death of a man who was out picking up sticking ( working ) on the sabbath. Based on that aspect of work we might find more than half our society stoned to death next week.

Truly God loves us and cares about us and has a plan and purpose for our lives and that includes still observing a sabbath rest. That plan involves spending time with Him in worship and rest. When we shut down one day a week to truly rest our bodies, renew our minds and worship God who do you think will benefit? Of course we will benefit when we rest. In a society that now runs 7 full days a week and Sunday being the biggest shopping day of the week it is harder for Christians to truly resist the temptation to stop.

Are you a sabbath observer who rests one day a week to withdraw from it all and worship Almighty God or do you just work,work, work? If or when you do stop is it all about your day off to do as you please or resting in spite of the to do list? Sure is something to think and pray about isn't it? To view the original sermon this article is based on visit

Based on Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are you Reaching your Culture for Christ?

Reaching your Culture

This morning I was out for my early prayer walk. Since I live in a very diversified neighborhood I take different path all the time. Within a 10 block radius there is white, black and Hispanic families living and mixed together rather randomly as well ( perhaps the way it should be) . I live in a parsonage and probably among the nicest homes in the neighborhood, but to look at it from the outside it still seems to blend in with the overall area. After living here nine months we have gotten a feel for the neighborhood in general. Before we moved here we spend the last 9 years with just a few neighbors and among them were farms with cows and roosters. Our yard had lots of room and very different from our present home and neighborhood. Within the first few months my teens girls with a few friends got jumped in what seems to have been at the time a random weird thing. They were ok, just rattled some at the time. We use to leave our home and cars unlocked for years including when we were gone for day as well. Never anything stolen in 9 years.
Just last week after leaving our bicycles outside since moving here we had two of them stolen and a third one that was left in our yard a few months ago by who knows who ? So technically 3 bikes stolen. At first I was mad and since then I have released it to the Lord and asked the Lord to provide back a 10 speed for me when He desires. I trust he will work it out. My son's old bike got fixed so he is good to go again and now the bikes stay in the garage.

Anyway, there is reason for the backdrop as it relates to the title. So this morning I'm walking the area going through a poorer area as well as passing a security locked neighborhood. Wow interesting feelings I got as I prayed about reaching people in our area. I got thinking about how to reach people that live around us. First I thought I could go door to door requesting prayer. Then I thought maybe I could just pray over each home as I walk by and then that day send out a postcard or card to the home owners telling them that they were prayed for today. Which led me to think about who does Jesus want us to reach. While I walk and pray I listen to music and the new testament intermingled on my mp3 player. I keep hearing from scripture today the word poor.

I thought yep we got poor folks around the church, but not everyone is poor. Also, I thought we got thieves around our neighborhood, but again not everyone is a thief. I am ok now that our bikes go stolen and I am ok that there are a lot of needy people in my area. After all this is what Jesus came for. He came to help the poor and sick and broken among society. And God has planted us right in the middle of it all. If there ended up being a drive by shootings every night I might feel different, but for now I feel honored to serve Him in my very diversified neighborhood where our church is a beacon of hope.

My biggest challenge is the language barrier as several of my neighbors only speak Spanish, so recently I enrolled in a free Spanish course at the local library hoping to learn to read, speak and understand Espanol some. I know after nine months I am just getting going to reach my local culture, but I am determined to touch lives one at a time as He leads and as I learn my culture. As scripture says, To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.1 Corinthians 9:22

Are you reaching your immediate culture? Do you know your neighbors?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Is the Emergent Church the new Worship War?

My first exposure to the emergent church or emerging church was through a seminary student who was our youth pastor a couple years ago. She went to Kansas City for a couple weeks twice a year. When she came back the second time she told us stories of strange churches of the Nazarene and how catholic like they were in some of there ritual practices. My reaction was to pass it off and I really did not give it much thought at the time.

At the time we were pastoring a church where we did things pretty simple and easy from week to week. Our church would sing unto the Lord, pray, take up an offering, have a special song sung, testimonies, announcements, sermon and altar call to pray. That is the way the church of the Nazarene has always been for me since I got saved in 1981. Sometimes the style of music or types of instruments change at times, but basically you could walk into almost any Nazarene church in North America and find a common style or format. I have found when worshipping with Nazarene’s from Russia to Africa and the Caribbean that there is so much the same with some slight cultural differences. I have always felt at home even on the mission trips I’ve taken.

Then along came the worship wars with the introduction of contemporary music. People have stood on different sides of the fence on what they wanted for music to worship God by. That war still rages in many churches and has split many asunder too. I really wish we could just worship God in spirit and truth and lay aside what we want and just worship. But of course it is just not that simple is it?

As a pastor for the past 20 years now I have come to the conclusion that church growth ultimately is not about the music either, but rather about the relationships and the discipleship. So really in the long run worship wars are another self centered plot of the enemy to divide and conquer.

Now we have this new emergent church movement with the inability to some degree to truly even define it. So in my review of this new challenge to the church let me propose several thoughts on what this movement is and how it is best defined. The best definition I have read among several is: The Emerging or Emergent Church Movement takes its name from the idea that the culture has changed, and a new church should emerge in response. According to this is the answer to this question: "What is the emerging / emergent church movement?"

The emerging, or emergent, church movement takes its name from the idea that as culture changes, a new church should emerge in response. In this case, it is a response by various church leaders to the current era of post-modernism. Although post-modernism began in the 1950s, the church didn't really seek to conform to its tenets until the 1990s. Post-modernism can be thought of as dissolution of "cold, hard fact" in favor of "warm, fuzzy subjectivity." The emerging / emergent church movement can be thought of the same way.

So my question to the 1990 change in the church is: Why did we change in the 1990’s and not the 1950’s? My answer: Because we had gradually become less of praying and fasting church and were losing our growth momentum in America. Instead of getting back on our knees, we reverted to other secular means and therefore was birthed the Emergent movement to become more like our falling culture.

According to a paper printed and released within the Church of the Nazarene in May 2008 it defines emerging as: “Emerging catches into one term the global reshaping of how to ‘do church’ in postmodern culture. It has no central offices and it is as varied as evangelicalism itself.”

My response is that the church should always do Church according to the New Testament regardless of what the culture is or becomes. Church is the body of Christ and those who are born into it are to worship and experience the grace of God according to the scriptures. I do realize that culture shapes many aspects of how we live out the Word, yet there must be some common aspects across cultural and time lines that are biblical and spiritually based and consistent.

I believe there are indeed a lot of non biblical things being adopted into the church today through this movement that we do need to be aware of. We need to stick to the Word of God in these last days of great deception. Just as worship styles can digress away from solid biblical worship intentions so can many who emerge with a digressing culture if we are not careful.

I have heard Church bands who are actually playing secular rock songs as worship songs without any change of the lyrics in the attempt to attract non believing seekers and then give them a soft gospel message. For those “cutting edge churches” they are doing whatever to attract the lost and it has become in my opinion more entertainment than God ordained and prayer bathed biblical worship. Numbers of growth do not necessarily equate spiritual conversions and eternal fruit.

My concern for the emerging church is that we are allowing ourselves to become less than what we are called to be in Christ that we might become more in numbers than we currently are by way of the strategy of the flesh. We need to be a people who have a reliance on the power of God through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

So Emergent’s beware of deception, digression and compromise is this fast falling culture in America. May the Church stand in Holiness regardless of the digressing emergent falling post modern culture of the Americas!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

From Yellow Pages to Web Pages

Do you have an email address? If you are reading this probably so. Ok, so having an email address is no bigger now, right? Since I started blogging three years ago I have started to receive unexpected and unusual E-mail requests. At first, I was flattered with requests to come preach in Africa, India and other exotic like locations. As I later found out, all these wonderful sincere e-mail requests were ministries asking me to come on my own dime and expense. You know the perception. If you are an American then you are rich. One such minister and I still write back and forth and he has even called me a few times. It’s a genuine friendship now, but I just have not made it to Kenya yet as other pressing expenses and priorities have taken place, plus I have not saved up that many dimes yet!

Well this past spring I received yet another email. This time it was from a land far far away, but it was from people that were only asking for a little local help. They just needed a place to sleep for a few nights when they made their way to Orlando for an International convention that was held this past June. The request seemed simple enough.

It seemed harmless and easy enough at first to reply, “Sure what can I do to help you 53 folks with? Give me a few more details and I will see what I can do.” Well as time progressed, I found myself caring, transporting and arranging more than I ever dreamed of by the end of a full 15 days of hosting people from Papua New Guinea. Of those 15 days 7 of them were days entirely spent in Deland with 29 of the 53 travelers on our grounds. I was spent as they say when it was all over. It was a good spent and I have no regrets, but it was some deal for sure.

Matter of fact since I’ve done it once, I feel I could do it again if needed, but I am certainly not searching the internet looking for people to host again by any means. I could never had done it without the gracious help of my staff, people and those precious ones in the community of Deland, and of course the wonderful grace of God. So many helped in big and small ways. After a couple of days my lovely wife said, “I think ill leave early on that trip to Ohio with the kids as planned, so you can open the house up to the others who are still sleeping on the floor.”. Within hours I had 10 people sleeping in my home. What a time we had! I truly lived life to the fullest with our congregation that week. Our local church will never forgot those people and those special days. Just check out one of those service here! We went to the coast, watched the Deland Suns play ball and so much more. I even took a group of 12 downtown for a cup of coffee on the BLVD one afternoon and of course wal-mart was the destination of preference many times over. Heaven came down when they sang at church and the power of God fell when they prayed.
Ten years ago I could never had imagined so much life and excitement could flow out of simply answering an email over the Internet. On the day they left to the airport I wept as I saw my new friends fly 24 plus hours back around the world to their homes in Papua New Guinea.
In the 47th year of our local churches history we went from yellow pages to web pages for the first time. We now have had visitors from a foreign county as well as from the local area because of web pages. We even have friends and relatives in our congregation who have viewed worship services live over the internet from Key West to Maine. Now that is something this local church probably could never had imagined just a few short months ago. Truly the addition from yellow pages to web pages has expanded our world influence.
Our ministry model of outreach and influence has changed over the last 47 years, but probably not as drastically as what the web pages has brought to this local Nazarene church in 2009. Even to this day there still remain approximately 45% of all churches in North America that do not have web page. Given the choice today I would choice a web page over a yellow page for sure.

We are seeing the results first hand. The emails come in, the phone rings and I get comments from time to time how they found our church online. Who would have ever imagined people from down the street to people around the world finding a local church in the new global phone book called the internet.
I sure am enjoying the transition of how God is using the new phone book to build His kingdom among us in Deland.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Alaska Journey special edition 101 smoked out!

Our last full day in Fairbanks was a finish it up and wrap it up day as the smoke so filled the sky. Even the sun only broke through at about 10 am and then disappeared for the day. Little did we know that on a scale of 5 warning levels of smoke danger, we were at the top and most hazardous level for air quality. We had a great last full day we took in the only restaurant in Two rivers for a milk shake. After packing we all got a good night(day) sleep before the long journey home.
This morning Wayne and I left earlier then the others to catch the fairbanks flight back home while the other 8 had a 8 hour drive to Anchorage to catch an evening flight.
On the way to the airport as we used the pastors car to get to the airport I told Wayne I hope our flight leaves on time for all The smoke in the air might relay or cancel. Wayne laughed and then within an hour we discovered
That our 9 am flight was now 3 pm only to miss all our connections.
So we called the other group just in time to have them unlock the car and we re booked a new series of flights tickets through a different airline that will not get us back until another 9 hours later than we originally planned.
So after re booking flights I told Wayne let's go explore since we got 5 hours to kill with access to a car.
It was off to the fairbanks area. We put some gas in the car, had a nice lunch in town and sharing Jesus with some folks at the visitor center. Then I tried to find my wife's cousin who lives in the area to realized Wayne would pass out for fear of missing his flight. So in turning around we stopped at the Alaska Pipeline station and gift shop for one more diversion.

Now we are finally within an hour of departure, but instead of Minnesota to orlando it is Seattle to Orlando on Alaska Air. Instead of sleeping in the airport we can sleep on the plane.
What an amazing journey it has been. We have meet and witnessed to people and meet folks here from all over the world.
We have worked, worshiped, toured, worked, ate big meals. Made new friends, worked, laughed and spent money on gifts for loved ones in the lower 48 as they say.

Alaska is big than 2 states the size of Texas yet the population in less that 500,000 people. We have seen mountains, rivers, wild life and miles of roads and experienced many bumps in the road. We have prayed, dug holes, swung mallets, pushed dirt, cut word, wired buildings and so much more. We have used. out houses, leaned about dog Mushers, visited dog musher teams. We saw Sarah Palin, ate wild game from moose to bear and lots of fresh fish. Alaska Nazarene's are blessed to live such and interesting way of life. Far enough away to feel like another country,, yet apart of the good old USA to still feel like home. We have seen a constant stream of military jets and not seem darkness in over 12 days. So hopefully soon Wayne and I as well as the rest of the team will all depart through the spoke filled skies to our homes in the lower 48.

Thanks be to God for such a great trip that was a pure joy to serve the needs of others.
This has been my 7th work and witness trip since 1989. From Russia to Africa, from Jamacia to the southwest and out to the far northeast It has been such a joy to serve with people as well as serve other people. Work and Witness is a faith promise in personal application. It has also been a joy to serve 6 of these 7 trips with my father in law. I hope God will allow me to continue the legacy of serving others as I have learned so well from others.

IF you have read these blog entries all hosted at and have been drawn to the idea of going yourself someday then please consider a trip in the near future.

Most people say "I cannot afford it". But I also remember hearing many folks say the same thing about having children. It's not about what you think you can afford , but about the desire to want to serve the Lord and stepping out in faith.

If you want to go on a work and wtiness trip then let your faith lead the way and not your wallet and see what the Lord Might do.

Next excting trip with openings is hosted by the Alaska district for 26 people going to Papa New Guinea in later January through early Feb 2010. Prehap you could go with Pastor Bob from the Two Rivers Community Nazarene church. The price that God will help you raise if you have the want too is approx 3400.00

Is God calling you to Work and Witness?

In God's Love

Pastor Peter Migner
( 30 minutes to departure) I hope!!!
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alaska. Journey 101 day 8 with 3 to.Go

Today I over. sleep some and got up around. 630am. Many of us realized today, that we have not seen darkness for over 10 days now. One lady in the group said I think I miss the darkness. Imagine that!
People in Alaska truly race the clock and work all the hours of day they can. After a long day of finishing a lot of construction it felt good to deal with the last of 200 railroad ties that are now buried under 25 feet of earth to make a frost barrier from the. Church building. What a major project this has been and well beyond anything I expected we would or could do in the time allotted. Our group of 10 has truly worked hard and successfully together as we have meet some of the. Greatest Christian people up here in the Fairbanks area.
After a wonderful dinner provided we made our way to the Chena Hot Springs that are 40 miles beyond us and over 30 miles away from the power grid. It was a beautiful drive through the valley and streams to the lodging area and hot springs.

We went swimming in the natural hot springs where the. Tempature is 108 after being cooled off from its original 160 degrees as it comes up. All year round people come. From all over the world to these springs.

At the hot springs is the ice. Hotel. Weird thing for sure. Google it if you have time.

On the way back we went Moose hunting for pictures. We spotted about 7 during the whole trip back. At one spot along the road we found 3 grazing and stopped. Before we knew it there was 4 cars and a van load of peopLe all running to the spot next to our van to snap pictures. It was pretty funny! As we pulled out and a1ay leaving all those people there I blew my horn and spooked the 3 moose and probably the tourist too. Everyone is our van cracked up as we speed away. What a time we have had in Alaska.
The rest of our trip just involves 2 more days of work and one meal on the town together and finally to the airport. Unless something unusual happens I may make this my last blog entry regarding this amazing Alaska Journey. To see all my prior post just visit www.Mignercom for the pictures and stories. Thank you all for your love and prayers while I've been on this trip to serve God.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Alaska Journey 101 days 6-7

What a great couples days we have had. Sunday was a day of worship and rest. No naps for this explorer, but a time of worship, fellowship and high adventure.
The first Part of our. Day was breakfast provided at the. Grange Hall #3 (that was a first) it was a fund raiser and someone pay for our team to eat their first thing Sunday morning. Great breakfast and another first for me in the old grange hall. Then off to sunday school. We has a class about angels. Then to worship. The church has a praise and worship band and the service last two hours. We sang, special work and witness presentation, kids sermon, more songs, sermon. And then closing communion. It was then followed by a dinner on the grounds outside. Truly a great day with lots of worship and. Friendship building times. One family brought little Alaskan pups to show off and everyone loved on them.

Then around 230 pm 6 of the 10 of us who wanted to witness the Governor transfer of Power between Sarah Palin and Sean Parnell headed into Fairbanks. God truly blessed out path. When we saw all the cars we thought there was no way. Then we pulled up to the front and got the # one spot closest to the entrance. After a very stirring farwell speech by Darah in front of a supportive crowd of 4000 I slipped away to find a good spot to take a closer pic and maybe meet Sarah first hand. Indeed I got within 6 to 10 feet of her car window and spoke a comment to her in passing with a reply back and a quick picture.
After the adventure we headed back to Two rivers and headed to a local church members home who is a Musher in the winter with his team of Dogs. We had more fellowship and enjoyed such a great time in the Lord.
Harley enjoyed riding the 2 twheeel Gator everywhere and me too when I got the chance to rIde.

The next day which is now over we worked all day on the frouns again. I was blessed with an invitation by the pastor in the early morning to join him and a few others to the New Governors prayer breakfast with the local Fairbanks area pastors. It was a pleasure to mee the new Governor and to hear his testimony of Christ and to see pastor Bob among others lay hands on the new leader for wisdom and strength to serve the people of Alaska.
Well after a very long day I finally went to bed around 1030 pm and awoke at 130 am to find myself writing this latest entry. It is still light out, but as dark as this midnight sun will get. You can still see the horizon and clouds and. Not one star is visable. What a great couple days in sharing, worshipping, exploring and. Working for the glory of God. Reports from back home are godd, but I do miss my family and church family. My youngest are off to their first ever summer camp and my oldest teens as camp counselors. What a full summer this has truly been.

To God be the glory for the great things he has done.
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alaska Journey 101 day 6.

Well another day on mission is complete. Today we were up and in the ditch by 730am working in the dirt laying giant logs. ( A kids dream on adult scale) We worked until noon today as we were running out of materials. It looks like we under estimated the job expenses some and the church leaders have decided to spend its. savings for another 100 railroad ties to finish the job. It has to be done and the extra 1600.00 is needed to finish the job. Had this whole project been out sourced professionally it. Would have cost over 12000 but with the donated labor and materials from the team we helped this church move ahead for kingdom Work to reach souls and keep the building in better shape to serve more. People. If you wanted to help this church with a donation to help off set these unexpected donations you would bless them tremendously. This churches buildings were all originally built by work and witness teams and hopefully our team and its project power to build, repair and complete will bless them through a few more years. The pastor and his wife have a truly great spirit for sharing Christ and building up a people for God's glory here. They have blessed us as well so much in hosting us and feeding us as we work among them. A few needs that would really help this church would be a church van as well. They had one, but drove it to the last mile of use. So if you have an old van that still has life in it perhaps a drive to Alaska and a flight back could be a double blessing for all parties. Of the 26 churches of the Nazarene in Alaska most are very needy of assistance still. The. First Alaskan Nazarene church started in the Fairbanks area back in the late 20's and some 80 plus years. Later only 26 churches are in the whole. State. The pastors who come here are called here and make hugh changes in lifestyle to serve here.

After our half of work we went into town to visit 3 places. First was the gold mine where we took a tour and actually paned for Gold. Every in the group got gold in value ranges from 6 to 45 dollars worth. My father in law purchased a pan to mine gold back east. I bought a book about Sarah Palin with the hopes of her signature tomorow afternoon at her regination party at the Gold Days Governor fair. We also saw the Alaskan pipeline today and a visit to downtown Fairbanks among the local vendors. It was 73 degrees and dry today. The skys are still smoke filled from the forest fires and. Ash still is falling at times all around us. Alaska is still truly a frontier state. No permits are needed for any building out here. If you can dream then just go build it. What an amazing day. We ened the day with another home cooked meal including Elk meat with Bear meat on the menu for the luncheon after Church. So much love and hospitality shown here. What a great God we serve all over this ever shrinking globe. Tomorrow is a day of rest and worship and a hopeful personal encounter with Sarah Palin in the mid afternoon.

To see previous blog post visit

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Alaska Journey 101 day 4 and 5

Yesterday was a wonderful day but I did much less work then the day before. It seems like we are getting more done then they expected. We still have so much to do as well. After dinner we all went to the North Pole Alaska about 20 miles away to shop and poke around. Pretty fun people and place.

Above all the work, sights and stuff I most enjoy meeting new people and praying with folks and learning their ways and culture. Today we layed railroad ties in the base of the giant hole and I spiked almost the whole bottom layer together. Man was I wiped out. After lunch we went to Fairbanks for the river boat cruise.. We saw 3 moose last night as well. Wow what hugh animals. This morning the pastor got called on an EMT call when someone hit a moose down the road a mile. The driver made it, the moose took off and the truck got trashed up pretty bad as we were told. Such hugh big wild life up here. Also learned there are 4 dogs for every 1 person that lives in Two Rivers Community. It was a great time as we learned about the local Indians and the area. After we went to Walmart for gifts and then back at the church for chinese food. Great people, great times and a great presence of the Lord.

Above are a few pictures of todays work and adventures

Tomorrow it is back to the hole with lots of pounding of spikes and the laying logs.

Best to all who care to read.
Pastor Peter
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alaska Journey 101 days 3

We finished out 3 day in Alaska and our first full day of work. Yesterday was a very long day. We had a lot of projects in progress. From back hoe to electrical to carpentry. Our team. Worked hard and the local people have blessed us with nice home cooked meals throughout. I slung more blocks and shoveled more dirt than I had in sometime. We had some meal with Moose meat for lunch and then fresh Salmon can in for a Friday night cook out.
During the day many milliary jets flew around. After a long hot day of work we had dinner followed. By a 3 hour prayer meeting some of the local prayer warriors. We had an amazing time in the Lord.

After work today we have plans to visit the North Pole to see Santa House. Yes there really is a North Pole Alaska.
Below is a few pictures of some of our team working.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alaska Journey day 2

I Woke up today at 5am with very little sleep to a very bright day. As our host for a day named Russ brought us a light breakfast at 6 am many stirred to shower and get ready for the day. I took a prayer walk for awhile to focus on this trip and what God has for us while we are here. Each we will meet as a group of 10 to pray and share as we give of ourselves in service to others. We had the group assembly at 630 for devotions and prayer. We made our way to the train station to head Denali and eventually 30 miles north of Fairbanks to the Two Rivers Community. Church of the Nazarene. The entire trip is 500 miles from Anchorage to Fairbanks.
Part of our group expensives is paying for this train ride and what a ride indeed. We have seen mountain ranges, streams, rivers, glaciers and Mt. McKinley along the journey so far as we head toward the. Interior of Alaska. Stories of people visiting here truly do not do justice to seeing it first hand. A part of me feels like I waste my time taking pictures or video as what one experiences just does not seem to be capture it all.
Meeting people on the train as well is amazing experience too. One couple shared pictures and video of their little boys catching fish larger then themselves.
Along the train tracks are home occasionally where folks forged out here to live on the land itself only depending on the train to get supplies back and forth from the closest towns.
The people in Alaska seem to really enjoying living here to the fullest. Life is slow, relaxed and truly amazing. This is a frontier of the far northwest beyond anything I have seen in America.
Our train was delayed for two. Hours and then off to Rose's restaurant for some halibut. After a very long 500 miles we finally past. The last street night on the north side of Fairbanks. It is the last street light in USA this far north. At 1120 pm it is still very bright out with at least 2 full hours of day light out. We start work in the morning as soon as we can figure out sleeping arrangements.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Alaska Bound!

Two hours before heading to Alaska. Just checked the weather and it's cool and highs in the 50's and the interior will be highs in the mid 70's. Looks like I need to repack a bit warmed than I thought at the last minute. Lord help us to beat out of the storms heading to Orlando.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Reflections of General Assembly and PNG

The pictures below are from June 23rd 2009 through July 10th 2009. The Papua New Guinea People stayed in Orlando u til June 3rd and then proceeded to stay in Deland until the 10th. What a journey the entire events truly were.

Reflections of life changing times for the Deland Church of the Nazarene

Sunday July 5th 2009 was a major highlight in my walk with Christ as the PNG people brought such a wave of God's glory into my heart as well as our church. These people are beyond average when it comes to being followers of Christ.

In the morning service they all sang on the platform and a wave of glory pouring over out of them. Even though I could not understand the words as such, yet the Spirit of God and the Anointing was on them in such a powerful way. Truly I am in love with the PNG people. After a great time in worship, followed by a dinner fellowship the joy just continued. As pastor I found such joy in watching my people connect with different ones. It was just an amazing day.

The highlight was in the afternoon. I think it was Margaret from the Hospital who asked about my son Levi. Levi is 12 and

Autistic and his mental and emotional age is under 5. He is my first born son and has been a blessing to us. We have yet to see his full breakthrough medically , mentally and emotionally. They asked if they could come over to the house and pray for Him as they had a burden for him. Of course I said yes.

Around 4:30 p.m. about 10 of the top group leaders including a couple D.S.'s, pastors and prayer warriors came to the house and we sat in a circle with Levi as I witnessed heaven came down through prayer. I was overcome with joy and the power of God in my living room.

We all wept uncontrollably for a season. My heart was so over taken by the love of God that I could not speak the words that God was revealing to my heart, Finally they spilled out through the sobs and tears and when they did, we all wept even more. The Lord said his love was so great for my son Levi that he sent them from the other side of the world to pray just for him. I still cannot grasp this love. Levi rode the van back with us to drop them off later and sang spiritual songs with them and shared his love as well.

During the evening worship service ( which I was late too because of the unexpected special prayer meeting) His presence swept in again on the entire church. At the close of the service I shared the above with the church and again many wept with me and then we broke break for communion. There has been such joy and love shared here today like I have not seen in any American church in a long time, if ever. Many of my people keep coming up with ideas and ways to connect and get involved and each day seems to take on a new chapter in the book of love among us.

I share never forget this word and sense of His love for my son. I look forward to the total deliverance of Levi and his complete healing in the days ahead. They people of PNG want us to come with Levi and Becky someday so they can see the answer to their prayers. I believe and am so grateful that God chose me to host they marvelous people of God.

Such Love!

More notes on the last part of the week.

After the great day on Sunday we took in many more blessings and prayer meetings until their 6 p.m. departure this past Friday. I was very worn out by the time they left, but it was a good worn out! Monday we took a ride to the coast and visited a lighthouse, the beach, the Daytona 500 racetrack and a taste of Krispy creme Donuts. Tuesday one of the ladies organized a ladies lunch and shopping day, while I took the men hiking at a state park near by on the river. That night we took in an American Baseball game including a free dinner at the park for each one. Everyday was ordained of the Lord. Another closing highlight of mine was the last 24 hours. On Thursday at noon I took them to a local clergy meeting. It was hosted by the Assemblies of God who had loaned us their van for the week for PNG.

When I was getting ready to leave to the pastors luncheon we were missing one of the pastors. Since i knew this meal was expensive and prepaid I felt we had to have all six present. So i went and found Baru and told him he was a pastor today and had to come with us. He was not real thrilled with last minute change, but came anyway. When we arrived at the lunch the host pastor ( Pastor Michael Monica of Deland Assembly of God) got up and welcomed us and sat at our table. There was about 12 pastors from the city plus the PNG people with me. We had a private room in the local Holiday Inn and a nice meal. Pastor Mike enjoyed every second of these men and wanted to honor them. So he got up 15 minutes before all the pastor would have left and said something like this,. " Pastors it is such a joy to have these men of God from PNG with us. I feel we should plant seed in them and their ministry in PNG". So he took a bread basket and emptied it and passed it around to the pastors. Then he proceeded to get all the pastosr to get up and gather in a group in the middle of the room to pray a blessing over the PNG leaders. Once everyone was standing and prepared to pray, Pastor Mike dropped to his knees and started touching and hugging the PNG feet and shoes of the PNG men and blessings them in great humility.Baru, myself and most of the men broke out in sobs and tears and prayers for them. I was yet again overcome with such love and grace flowing. I was stunned as this pastor who pastors a church of over 1000 and the biggest church in our city was bowing low and touching the shoes of the PNG bush pastors. I had never witnessed anything like it in my life. It was the kind of recognition I believe Jesus would be pleased with when honoring the love and sacrifice of the men of God of PNG.

After much love , tears and prayers between pastors and leaders we counted the money and discovered over 250.00. Then the Seventh Day advent Chaplain from the Church owned Hospital gave an invite for a tour of the hospital and free breakfast for all the group the morning of the departure day. It was an amazng day and the next to follow. Baru and I got in my van after lunch while the rest of the pastors from PNG got in pastor Mike's van to head to his church for more prayer. On the way Baru and I were still weeping over what happened at this luncheon. Baru is a special man indeed and his presence at the pastors luncheon was divine for sure.

The episodes of grace, blessings and prayer times went on throughout the week. So many stories and blessings! I shall never forget these men and women. I have seen the pictures of life in PNG from D.S. Andrews camera and I can tell that the lifestyle is very simple and behind from the American way. I truly would like to see our people develop a trip to PNG for a work and witness trip in the future. Please keep me posted in the days ahead as to how we can pray and possibly come and make a difference.

Our people are forever changed. Today was the Sunday after and there was such an anointing again. We had 1 person who wants to get baptized and now it looks like 4 people will be baptized in a few more hours.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The People of Papua New Guinea in Deland

Dear Friends of DelandNaz

Greetings in the strong name of Jesus! The past two weeks seem like a giant blur as time has just flown by with so many activities. On June 21st we ended a week of special revival services with Evangelist Elaine Pettit. What a great revival we had with the altars filled each service with folks seeking the Lord and holiness of heart. We had amazing attendance for revival in spite of it being summer. If you have a testimony of what the Lord has done for you please write it up and send it in or stand up sometime soon in one of our services and give God the glory for the great things He has done.

After revival we went right to Orlando to start the General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene. The services officially started on the 23rd and conclude on July 3rd. I want to congratulate two young people representing the Deland Church for their participation and achievements at Assembly. Chelsea Migner was a teen bible quizzer who 4 days in a row with her team won 2nd place in the world as the 2nd best team in the world. We proud of her for her accomplishments in her work throughout the year in studying the book of Luke.

Congratulation also goes out to Newman Migner for being 1 of only 6 children from the North Florida District and the only child quizzer from Deland who won a gold placement in bible quizzing> Newman missing only 1 question out of 40. Way to go Newman!!~

In the midst of Bible quizzing, NMI, NYI and Sunday School conventions we have continued to prepare and assist 29 of 54 Delegates from Papua New Guinea. As pastor I have begun to get acquainted with the wonderful people of PNG. Soon many will head back to PNG, but 29 will stay among us for another 7 days and your prayers and help is needed and encouraged.

The people of PNG sacrifice greatly in order to be able to attend the General Assembly. Each foreign delegation looks for a host in the United States to help them once they arrive. It just so happened that most of the closest Nazarene churches in Orlando were already filled up and the PNG people found us and asked if we could help them in anyway.

The original plan was for the PNG people to leave the hotel on July 3rd and stay on the Nazarene camp grounds on the south FL district for 2 days for free. Just this morning due to cost and the lack of transportation they will not be going south for two days, but instead staying among the Deland facilities from the 3rd-10th . The Lodging has been worked out and today I find out more info on a possible van our church can borrow from another ministry to help transport these folks around locally.

The opportunity of assisting them and blessing them is truly an honor. I would like you to listen to this interview I had yesterday at the General Assembly regarding what it took these folks to come to the USA to represent Jesus and the GA. After you review this video please let me know what you could do to help them have a more pleasant and enjoyable stay among us. There are some hopes I have in hosting these people that maybe the Lord will lay on someone’s heart to help out as He leads. Because they will now be among us on the 4th of July I am now wondering what can we do or where can we take them to experience American on the 4th of July? Since our family has not been in the area before during American’s birthday I am not familiar with what options of things there are to do here. So your ideas, input and involvement are welcomes. I have had a work in progress for hosting these people and below is that schedule, but the needs are not meet to fulfill.

July 3rd – Arrive in Deland sometime after 12 noon

July 4th- Open nothing planned with them as a group as of yet.

July 5th- A special Carry in lunch after the AM worship and then more worship specials in the evening service.

July 6th Take group to HOLYLAND in Orlando. We have a group rate of 25 per adult and 20 for those 55 and older. This is a lot of money for these people, but of all the parks and places to go throughout the Greater Orlando area this park excites them because it is all about their Lord and Savior. If you would like to go with them and maybe helps sponsor 1 guest that could be a large blessing.

July 7th A day of rest and as well as walking around the local area and downtown shops. The Lord has blessed us with unlimited tickets the evening of the 7th for an American baseball game with the Deland Suns. These tickets include a free BBQ after the 5th inning as well. If you would like to go and take a few PNG people in your own car to the game that evening then please register online for your free tickets asap and how many PNG people you can pick up at the church to take downtown to the game. It should be a very fun and exciting evening.

July 8th. Take PNG people to local farmers market or other fun things that are no cost and would be enjoyable before the Wednesday evening prayer meeting. Several that nights will also go over to the New Smyrna Nazarene church as well for fellowship.

July 9th. International interaction Day! This day is for you to adopt a few PNG people and take them around the area in your own way and either take a few out to dinner or cook them a home cooked meal and invite them into your home for fellowship for a couple hours. At the General Assembly they had a sign up sheet where Americans could take an International guest to dinner and many did so and had great experiences. So in Deland we want you to have this same opportunity if you are so inclined. I hope you might sign up and invite a few into an American home so they might experience what our culture is like from the inside.

July10th. Our Delegates will be packing up and headed home this day. If you would like to help take a van load of people we could use the extra cars to help us get them to the airport as well.

These are some of God’s very special people and as well a wonderful opportunity to bless some people that have never been out of their own country before. I hope you will take the time to pray and consider how the Lord would have you get involved in world Missions that has come home to Deland.

The above schedule is all tentative. The HOLYLAND group ticket money has not been entirely secured and the rest of the schedule above can be changed or adjusted as the Lord leads. After a very full week in helping host these PNG Delegates in Orlando I have learned that the key word of the week is FLEXIBLE.

Signup sheets here!

In His Service

Pastor Peter Migner

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Papua New Guinea Comes to Deland

Over 1000 Delegates from over 150 counties of the world came to Orlando, FL. Among all the international delgates were 54 people from this far away Island country off the coast of northeast Australia. It does not seem possible that a simple reply to an email could lead to new friends for life, but is what has happened. How did this journey start and why are 28 of these 54 people coming to DeLand, FL?

Details to follow soon!

Plan to Join us Live at www.DelandNaz.TV Sunday June 5th to experience a International Worship service. 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Driving in the Spirit!

Recently I drove to Jacksonville, Florida for a meeting with my District Superintendent. We had a very fruitful and positive meeting. Over lunch he shared with me a few stories of lives transformed radically in his earlier ministry. As I left his office that day I found myself feeling impressed to pick up a hitch hiker on 1-95 south bound.
I really do not do this very often and when I do I’m with another adult male or alone, but never with my wife or kids in the car. As I believe most hitch hikers are hard pressed with difficult life circumstances it seems best to not pick up people and get involved.

Wayne ran and caught up to me on the road and hoped in. I had this sense of enjoying helping a fellow human being. Wayne was headed to Orlando. Orlando was another 60 minute drive beyond my home and 2 plus hours from where I picked him up.

In the course of the afternoon Wayne and I got to really know each other. Wayne had no home, no job, no money and no possessions other than the clothes he was wearing. Wayne had been an electrician in years past and worked manual labors jobs as he could. Wayne is 52 years old and has a life long addiction problem with alcohol as well as a long story of other challenges he has had. Wayne and I shared life and talked about dreams. He knew the bible and had a church to attend in Orlando at times. He went all the way to Jacksonville for work only to not find any and had only back in Orlando to go too after.

Wayne was burned from walking many long hours in the sun and told me he had a daughter in her 30’s with grand kids he never meet. He ran a couple errands with me and even bought me a Starbucks ice coffee with a card he had from another ministry earlier in the week.

The more time we spend together the more I wanted to help him. But I also realized that Wayne had gotten himself into this hard place over many years and there was no quick fix either. He needed hope, love and a new system to take him out of the street system he had learned to survive in.

We prayed together and shared and laughed along the road. As I gave him a new shirt, hot meal and cold water I saw Wayne open up and become connected with me in a wonderful manner over the afternoon. We even went into a Christian bookstore along the way and he started looking books while he waited on me.

As I walked with him and talked and went into a few stores running errands on my way with Wayne I wondered how many people looked at us together and wondered what a strange combo of men that is hanging out.

I really wanted to help Wayne find a place to start over and get a hot shower and a job, but all that was beyond me that day. Wayne said he would be fine and was so grateful for just the ride to the Daytona area. But I called home and told me wife I would be late because I was going the extra mile with Wayne. I decided I just did not want Wayne on the roads all night and felt the Lord would have me take him home.

As Wayne and I got into the area of Orlando that we was trying to get too he showed me his neighborhood. Showed me the gas station he hung out at and the bench where they hung too. Finally I asked Wayne where exactly he was going with no home or family. He told me he was going to the camp. I said Wayne could I see the camp? I finally pulled behind a shopping strip and power lines and we got out.

Wayne yelled out Lenny’s name and I said why you yelling? He said so they would know we were coming into the camp. I had all kinds of fear surface for a few moments. I wondered if they would mug me or what? But they were all fears and as soon as a few of the men in the camp saw Wayne it was like a reunion. Wayne bragged on me as the pastor who drove him all the way from Jacksonville back home to the camp. As I meet these 4 other men I had to just wonder what God was doing with this today. I sensed I needed to share my story with them and proceeded to preach the gospel to 5 homeless men from their 20’s, 30’s 40, and probably 60’s. One guy was hardened and the others were open. The 46 year Robert said he accepted Christ and knew no way out.

Wayne let me take some picture of him and his home less friends and then walked me back to my van. I prayed one last time with Wayne and encouraged Him to get out of this system into and God’s system so he would show the others how God can help them out of such hopeless situations. I truly believe that God has a plan for Wayne and part of that Plan was using me for an afternoon and God also had a plan for me and Wayne and his world was part of it.

I realize now more than ever that Wayne’s world would have been mine to some degree had Jesus not rescued me at age 19. What an amazing God we serve! I hope Wayne will call me with a testimony in the days ahead. He has an invitation to speak in my church to give his testimony when he gets totally free from his sinful addiction. I pray Wayne will pull through someday soon. I hope he will call me with the Joy of the lord I know God has for him. The Apostle Paul may have walked in the Spirit and had adventures, but for me I get to drive in the Spirit and what adventures we can have as well if we listen to the promptings of the Spirit from day to day.