Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alaska. Journey 101 day 8 with 3 to.Go

Today I over. sleep some and got up around. 630am. Many of us realized today, that we have not seen darkness for over 10 days now. One lady in the group said I think I miss the darkness. Imagine that!
People in Alaska truly race the clock and work all the hours of day they can. After a long day of finishing a lot of construction it felt good to deal with the last of 200 railroad ties that are now buried under 25 feet of earth to make a frost barrier from the. Church building. What a major project this has been and well beyond anything I expected we would or could do in the time allotted. Our group of 10 has truly worked hard and successfully together as we have meet some of the. Greatest Christian people up here in the Fairbanks area.
After a wonderful dinner provided we made our way to the Chena Hot Springs that are 40 miles beyond us and over 30 miles away from the power grid. It was a beautiful drive through the valley and streams to the lodging area and hot springs.

We went swimming in the natural hot springs where the. Tempature is 108 after being cooled off from its original 160 degrees as it comes up. All year round people come. From all over the world to these springs.

At the hot springs is the ice. Hotel. Weird thing for sure. Google it if you have time.

On the way back we went Moose hunting for pictures. We spotted about 7 during the whole trip back. At one spot along the road we found 3 grazing and stopped. Before we knew it there was 4 cars and a van load of peopLe all running to the spot next to our van to snap pictures. It was pretty funny! As we pulled out and a1ay leaving all those people there I blew my horn and spooked the 3 moose and probably the tourist too. Everyone is our van cracked up as we speed away. What a time we have had in Alaska.
The rest of our trip just involves 2 more days of work and one meal on the town together and finally to the airport. Unless something unusual happens I may make this my last blog entry regarding this amazing Alaska Journey. To see all my prior post just visit www.Mignercom for the pictures and stories. Thank you all for your love and prayers while I've been on this trip to serve God.
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