Friday, July 31, 2009

Alaska Journey special edition 101 smoked out!

Our last full day in Fairbanks was a finish it up and wrap it up day as the smoke so filled the sky. Even the sun only broke through at about 10 am and then disappeared for the day. Little did we know that on a scale of 5 warning levels of smoke danger, we were at the top and most hazardous level for air quality. We had a great last full day we took in the only restaurant in Two rivers for a milk shake. After packing we all got a good night(day) sleep before the long journey home.
This morning Wayne and I left earlier then the others to catch the fairbanks flight back home while the other 8 had a 8 hour drive to Anchorage to catch an evening flight.
On the way to the airport as we used the pastors car to get to the airport I told Wayne I hope our flight leaves on time for all The smoke in the air might relay or cancel. Wayne laughed and then within an hour we discovered
That our 9 am flight was now 3 pm only to miss all our connections.
So we called the other group just in time to have them unlock the car and we re booked a new series of flights tickets through a different airline that will not get us back until another 9 hours later than we originally planned.
So after re booking flights I told Wayne let's go explore since we got 5 hours to kill with access to a car.
It was off to the fairbanks area. We put some gas in the car, had a nice lunch in town and sharing Jesus with some folks at the visitor center. Then I tried to find my wife's cousin who lives in the area to realized Wayne would pass out for fear of missing his flight. So in turning around we stopped at the Alaska Pipeline station and gift shop for one more diversion.

Now we are finally within an hour of departure, but instead of Minnesota to orlando it is Seattle to Orlando on Alaska Air. Instead of sleeping in the airport we can sleep on the plane.
What an amazing journey it has been. We have meet and witnessed to people and meet folks here from all over the world.
We have worked, worshiped, toured, worked, ate big meals. Made new friends, worked, laughed and spent money on gifts for loved ones in the lower 48 as they say.

Alaska is big than 2 states the size of Texas yet the population in less that 500,000 people. We have seen mountains, rivers, wild life and miles of roads and experienced many bumps in the road. We have prayed, dug holes, swung mallets, pushed dirt, cut word, wired buildings and so much more. We have used. out houses, leaned about dog Mushers, visited dog musher teams. We saw Sarah Palin, ate wild game from moose to bear and lots of fresh fish. Alaska Nazarene's are blessed to live such and interesting way of life. Far enough away to feel like another country,, yet apart of the good old USA to still feel like home. We have seen a constant stream of military jets and not seem darkness in over 12 days. So hopefully soon Wayne and I as well as the rest of the team will all depart through the spoke filled skies to our homes in the lower 48.

Thanks be to God for such a great trip that was a pure joy to serve the needs of others.
This has been my 7th work and witness trip since 1989. From Russia to Africa, from Jamacia to the southwest and out to the far northeast It has been such a joy to serve with people as well as serve other people. Work and Witness is a faith promise in personal application. It has also been a joy to serve 6 of these 7 trips with my father in law. I hope God will allow me to continue the legacy of serving others as I have learned so well from others.

IF you have read these blog entries all hosted at and have been drawn to the idea of going yourself someday then please consider a trip in the near future.

Most people say "I cannot afford it". But I also remember hearing many folks say the same thing about having children. It's not about what you think you can afford , but about the desire to want to serve the Lord and stepping out in faith.

If you want to go on a work and wtiness trip then let your faith lead the way and not your wallet and see what the Lord Might do.

Next excting trip with openings is hosted by the Alaska district for 26 people going to Papa New Guinea in later January through early Feb 2010. Prehap you could go with Pastor Bob from the Two Rivers Community Nazarene church. The price that God will help you raise if you have the want too is approx 3400.00

Is God calling you to Work and Witness?

In God's Love

Pastor Peter Migner
( 30 minutes to departure) I hope!!!
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