Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Alaska Journey 101 days 6-7

What a great couples days we have had. Sunday was a day of worship and rest. No naps for this explorer, but a time of worship, fellowship and high adventure.
The first Part of our. Day was breakfast provided at the. Grange Hall #3 (that was a first) it was a fund raiser and someone pay for our team to eat their first thing Sunday morning. Great breakfast and another first for me in the old grange hall. Then off to sunday school. We has a class about angels. Then to worship. The church has a praise and worship band and the service last two hours. We sang, special work and witness presentation, kids sermon, more songs, sermon. And then closing communion. It was then followed by a dinner on the grounds outside. Truly a great day with lots of worship and. Friendship building times. One family brought little Alaskan pups to show off and everyone loved on them.

Then around 230 pm 6 of the 10 of us who wanted to witness the Governor transfer of Power between Sarah Palin and Sean Parnell headed into Fairbanks. God truly blessed out path. When we saw all the cars we thought there was no way. Then we pulled up to the front and got the # one spot closest to the entrance. After a very stirring farwell speech by Darah in front of a supportive crowd of 4000 I slipped away to find a good spot to take a closer pic and maybe meet Sarah first hand. Indeed I got within 6 to 10 feet of her car window and spoke a comment to her in passing with a reply back and a quick picture.
After the adventure we headed back to Two rivers and headed to a local church members home who is a Musher in the winter with his team of Dogs. We had more fellowship and enjoyed such a great time in the Lord.
Harley enjoyed riding the 2 twheeel Gator everywhere and me too when I got the chance to rIde.

The next day which is now over we worked all day on the frouns again. I was blessed with an invitation by the pastor in the early morning to join him and a few others to the New Governors prayer breakfast with the local Fairbanks area pastors. It was a pleasure to mee the new Governor and to hear his testimony of Christ and to see pastor Bob among others lay hands on the new leader for wisdom and strength to serve the people of Alaska.
Well after a very long day I finally went to bed around 1030 pm and awoke at 130 am to find myself writing this latest entry. It is still light out, but as dark as this midnight sun will get. You can still see the horizon and clouds and. Not one star is visable. What a great couple days in sharing, worshipping, exploring and. Working for the glory of God. Reports from back home are godd, but I do miss my family and church family. My youngest are off to their first ever summer camp and my oldest teens as camp counselors. What a full summer this has truly been.

To God be the glory for the great things he has done.
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