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The People of Papua New Guinea in Deland

Dear Friends of DelandNaz

Greetings in the strong name of Jesus! The past two weeks seem like a giant blur as time has just flown by with so many activities. On June 21st we ended a week of special revival services with Evangelist Elaine Pettit. What a great revival we had with the altars filled each service with folks seeking the Lord and holiness of heart. We had amazing attendance for revival in spite of it being summer. If you have a testimony of what the Lord has done for you please write it up and send it in or stand up sometime soon in one of our services and give God the glory for the great things He has done.

After revival we went right to Orlando to start the General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene. The services officially started on the 23rd and conclude on July 3rd. I want to congratulate two young people representing the Deland Church for their participation and achievements at Assembly. Chelsea Migner was a teen bible quizzer who 4 days in a row with her team won 2nd place in the world as the 2nd best team in the world. We proud of her for her accomplishments in her work throughout the year in studying the book of Luke.

Congratulation also goes out to Newman Migner for being 1 of only 6 children from the North Florida District and the only child quizzer from Deland who won a gold placement in bible quizzing> Newman missing only 1 question out of 40. Way to go Newman!!~

In the midst of Bible quizzing, NMI, NYI and Sunday School conventions we have continued to prepare and assist 29 of 54 Delegates from Papua New Guinea. As pastor I have begun to get acquainted with the wonderful people of PNG. Soon many will head back to PNG, but 29 will stay among us for another 7 days and your prayers and help is needed and encouraged.

The people of PNG sacrifice greatly in order to be able to attend the General Assembly. Each foreign delegation looks for a host in the United States to help them once they arrive. It just so happened that most of the closest Nazarene churches in Orlando were already filled up and the PNG people found us and asked if we could help them in anyway.

The original plan was for the PNG people to leave the hotel on July 3rd and stay on the Nazarene camp grounds on the south FL district for 2 days for free. Just this morning due to cost and the lack of transportation they will not be going south for two days, but instead staying among the Deland facilities from the 3rd-10th . The Lodging has been worked out and today I find out more info on a possible van our church can borrow from another ministry to help transport these folks around locally.

The opportunity of assisting them and blessing them is truly an honor. I would like you to listen to this interview I had yesterday at the General Assembly regarding what it took these folks to come to the USA to represent Jesus and the GA. After you review this video please let me know what you could do to help them have a more pleasant and enjoyable stay among us. There are some hopes I have in hosting these people that maybe the Lord will lay on someone’s heart to help out as He leads. Because they will now be among us on the 4th of July I am now wondering what can we do or where can we take them to experience American on the 4th of July? Since our family has not been in the area before during American’s birthday I am not familiar with what options of things there are to do here. So your ideas, input and involvement are welcomes. I have had a work in progress for hosting these people and below is that schedule, but the needs are not meet to fulfill.

July 3rd – Arrive in Deland sometime after 12 noon

July 4th- Open nothing planned with them as a group as of yet.

July 5th- A special Carry in lunch after the AM worship and then more worship specials in the evening service.

July 6th Take group to HOLYLAND in Orlando. We have a group rate of 25 per adult and 20 for those 55 and older. This is a lot of money for these people, but of all the parks and places to go throughout the Greater Orlando area this park excites them because it is all about their Lord and Savior. If you would like to go with them and maybe helps sponsor 1 guest that could be a large blessing.

July 7th A day of rest and as well as walking around the local area and downtown shops. The Lord has blessed us with unlimited tickets the evening of the 7th for an American baseball game with the Deland Suns. These tickets include a free BBQ after the 5th inning as well. If you would like to go and take a few PNG people in your own car to the game that evening then please register online for your free tickets asap and how many PNG people you can pick up at the church to take downtown to the game. It should be a very fun and exciting evening.

July 8th. Take PNG people to local farmers market or other fun things that are no cost and would be enjoyable before the Wednesday evening prayer meeting. Several that nights will also go over to the New Smyrna Nazarene church as well for fellowship.

July 9th. International interaction Day! This day is for you to adopt a few PNG people and take them around the area in your own way and either take a few out to dinner or cook them a home cooked meal and invite them into your home for fellowship for a couple hours. At the General Assembly they had a sign up sheet where Americans could take an International guest to dinner and many did so and had great experiences. So in Deland we want you to have this same opportunity if you are so inclined. I hope you might sign up and invite a few into an American home so they might experience what our culture is like from the inside.

July10th. Our Delegates will be packing up and headed home this day. If you would like to help take a van load of people we could use the extra cars to help us get them to the airport as well.

These are some of God’s very special people and as well a wonderful opportunity to bless some people that have never been out of their own country before. I hope you will take the time to pray and consider how the Lord would have you get involved in world Missions that has come home to Deland.

The above schedule is all tentative. The HOLYLAND group ticket money has not been entirely secured and the rest of the schedule above can be changed or adjusted as the Lord leads. After a very full week in helping host these PNG Delegates in Orlando I have learned that the key word of the week is FLEXIBLE.

Signup sheets here!

In His Service

Pastor Peter Migner

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