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Reflections of General Assembly and PNG

The pictures below are from June 23rd 2009 through July 10th 2009. The Papua New Guinea People stayed in Orlando u til June 3rd and then proceeded to stay in Deland until the 10th. What a journey the entire events truly were.

Reflections of life changing times for the Deland Church of the Nazarene

Sunday July 5th 2009 was a major highlight in my walk with Christ as the PNG people brought such a wave of God's glory into my heart as well as our church. These people are beyond average when it comes to being followers of Christ.

In the morning service they all sang on the platform and a wave of glory pouring over out of them. Even though I could not understand the words as such, yet the Spirit of God and the Anointing was on them in such a powerful way. Truly I am in love with the PNG people. After a great time in worship, followed by a dinner fellowship the joy just continued. As pastor I found such joy in watching my people connect with different ones. It was just an amazing day.

The highlight was in the afternoon. I think it was Margaret from the Hospital who asked about my son Levi. Levi is 12 and

Autistic and his mental and emotional age is under 5. He is my first born son and has been a blessing to us. We have yet to see his full breakthrough medically , mentally and emotionally. They asked if they could come over to the house and pray for Him as they had a burden for him. Of course I said yes.

Around 4:30 p.m. about 10 of the top group leaders including a couple D.S.'s, pastors and prayer warriors came to the house and we sat in a circle with Levi as I witnessed heaven came down through prayer. I was overcome with joy and the power of God in my living room.

We all wept uncontrollably for a season. My heart was so over taken by the love of God that I could not speak the words that God was revealing to my heart, Finally they spilled out through the sobs and tears and when they did, we all wept even more. The Lord said his love was so great for my son Levi that he sent them from the other side of the world to pray just for him. I still cannot grasp this love. Levi rode the van back with us to drop them off later and sang spiritual songs with them and shared his love as well.

During the evening worship service ( which I was late too because of the unexpected special prayer meeting) His presence swept in again on the entire church. At the close of the service I shared the above with the church and again many wept with me and then we broke break for communion. There has been such joy and love shared here today like I have not seen in any American church in a long time, if ever. Many of my people keep coming up with ideas and ways to connect and get involved and each day seems to take on a new chapter in the book of love among us.

I share never forget this word and sense of His love for my son. I look forward to the total deliverance of Levi and his complete healing in the days ahead. They people of PNG want us to come with Levi and Becky someday so they can see the answer to their prayers. I believe and am so grateful that God chose me to host they marvelous people of God.

Such Love!

More notes on the last part of the week.

After the great day on Sunday we took in many more blessings and prayer meetings until their 6 p.m. departure this past Friday. I was very worn out by the time they left, but it was a good worn out! Monday we took a ride to the coast and visited a lighthouse, the beach, the Daytona 500 racetrack and a taste of Krispy creme Donuts. Tuesday one of the ladies organized a ladies lunch and shopping day, while I took the men hiking at a state park near by on the river. That night we took in an American Baseball game including a free dinner at the park for each one. Everyday was ordained of the Lord. Another closing highlight of mine was the last 24 hours. On Thursday at noon I took them to a local clergy meeting. It was hosted by the Assemblies of God who had loaned us their van for the week for PNG.

When I was getting ready to leave to the pastors luncheon we were missing one of the pastors. Since i knew this meal was expensive and prepaid I felt we had to have all six present. So i went and found Baru and told him he was a pastor today and had to come with us. He was not real thrilled with last minute change, but came anyway. When we arrived at the lunch the host pastor ( Pastor Michael Monica of Deland Assembly of God) got up and welcomed us and sat at our table. There was about 12 pastors from the city plus the PNG people with me. We had a private room in the local Holiday Inn and a nice meal. Pastor Mike enjoyed every second of these men and wanted to honor them. So he got up 15 minutes before all the pastor would have left and said something like this,. " Pastors it is such a joy to have these men of God from PNG with us. I feel we should plant seed in them and their ministry in PNG". So he took a bread basket and emptied it and passed it around to the pastors. Then he proceeded to get all the pastosr to get up and gather in a group in the middle of the room to pray a blessing over the PNG leaders. Once everyone was standing and prepared to pray, Pastor Mike dropped to his knees and started touching and hugging the PNG feet and shoes of the PNG men and blessings them in great humility.Baru, myself and most of the men broke out in sobs and tears and prayers for them. I was yet again overcome with such love and grace flowing. I was stunned as this pastor who pastors a church of over 1000 and the biggest church in our city was bowing low and touching the shoes of the PNG bush pastors. I had never witnessed anything like it in my life. It was the kind of recognition I believe Jesus would be pleased with when honoring the love and sacrifice of the men of God of PNG.

After much love , tears and prayers between pastors and leaders we counted the money and discovered over 250.00. Then the Seventh Day advent Chaplain from the Church owned Hospital gave an invite for a tour of the hospital and free breakfast for all the group the morning of the departure day. It was an amazng day and the next to follow. Baru and I got in my van after lunch while the rest of the pastors from PNG got in pastor Mike's van to head to his church for more prayer. On the way Baru and I were still weeping over what happened at this luncheon. Baru is a special man indeed and his presence at the pastors luncheon was divine for sure.

The episodes of grace, blessings and prayer times went on throughout the week. So many stories and blessings! I shall never forget these men and women. I have seen the pictures of life in PNG from D.S. Andrews camera and I can tell that the lifestyle is very simple and behind from the American way. I truly would like to see our people develop a trip to PNG for a work and witness trip in the future. Please keep me posted in the days ahead as to how we can pray and possibly come and make a difference.

Our people are forever changed. Today was the Sunday after and there was such an anointing again. We had 1 person who wants to get baptized and now it looks like 4 people will be baptized in a few more hours.

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