Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alaska Journey day 2

I Woke up today at 5am with very little sleep to a very bright day. As our host for a day named Russ brought us a light breakfast at 6 am many stirred to shower and get ready for the day. I took a prayer walk for awhile to focus on this trip and what God has for us while we are here. Each we will meet as a group of 10 to pray and share as we give of ourselves in service to others. We had the group assembly at 630 for devotions and prayer. We made our way to the train station to head Denali and eventually 30 miles north of Fairbanks to the Two Rivers Community. Church of the Nazarene. The entire trip is 500 miles from Anchorage to Fairbanks.
Part of our group expensives is paying for this train ride and what a ride indeed. We have seen mountain ranges, streams, rivers, glaciers and Mt. McKinley along the journey so far as we head toward the. Interior of Alaska. Stories of people visiting here truly do not do justice to seeing it first hand. A part of me feels like I waste my time taking pictures or video as what one experiences just does not seem to be capture it all.
Meeting people on the train as well is amazing experience too. One couple shared pictures and video of their little boys catching fish larger then themselves.
Along the train tracks are home occasionally where folks forged out here to live on the land itself only depending on the train to get supplies back and forth from the closest towns.
The people in Alaska seem to really enjoying living here to the fullest. Life is slow, relaxed and truly amazing. This is a frontier of the far northwest beyond anything I have seen in America.
Our train was delayed for two. Hours and then off to Rose's restaurant for some halibut. After a very long 500 miles we finally past. The last street night on the north side of Fairbanks. It is the last street light in USA this far north. At 1120 pm it is still very bright out with at least 2 full hours of day light out. We start work in the morning as soon as we can figure out sleeping arrangements.

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