Saturday, July 25, 2009

Alaska Journey 101 day 4 and 5

Yesterday was a wonderful day but I did much less work then the day before. It seems like we are getting more done then they expected. We still have so much to do as well. After dinner we all went to the North Pole Alaska about 20 miles away to shop and poke around. Pretty fun people and place.

Above all the work, sights and stuff I most enjoy meeting new people and praying with folks and learning their ways and culture. Today we layed railroad ties in the base of the giant hole and I spiked almost the whole bottom layer together. Man was I wiped out. After lunch we went to Fairbanks for the river boat cruise.. We saw 3 moose last night as well. Wow what hugh animals. This morning the pastor got called on an EMT call when someone hit a moose down the road a mile. The driver made it, the moose took off and the truck got trashed up pretty bad as we were told. Such hugh big wild life up here. Also learned there are 4 dogs for every 1 person that lives in Two Rivers Community. It was a great time as we learned about the local Indians and the area. After we went to Walmart for gifts and then back at the church for chinese food. Great people, great times and a great presence of the Lord.

Above are a few pictures of todays work and adventures

Tomorrow it is back to the hole with lots of pounding of spikes and the laying logs.

Best to all who care to read.
Pastor Peter
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