Friday, December 11, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas From the Migners

12 Months in Review!

2009 Has been the fullest year of activities of our lives. God indeed gives us times and seasons that vary from year to year, but this past year was indeed the fullest of everything. The video associated with the letter is truly only a snap shot.

In January we moved to Deland Florida to fulfill the call to pastor after 9 wonderful years of our children’s lives in Central Virginia. After many boxes, moving vans we are almost adjusted in our new home.

In February I was off to a Revival session on Saint Simmons Island where we webcasted, taught and enjoyed the presence of God with Elaine Pettit Ministries.

In March we celebrated a couple birthdays as we enjoyed the warm Florida winter and I took in my first Biker Week in Daytona as we adapted and to living in a city among a great people of God in DeLand.

In April we enjoyed many great church services as welcomed a new church staff member to our church. Becky headed to Boston by car to take Chelsea to the regional Teen quiz competition where Chelsea was picked for the world quiz team. Peter took the boys to Atlanta for Newman’s first Regional Invitational Quiz.

In May we adjusted to the warm summer kicking into to gear along with trips to the beach which is only 25 miles away as we entertained many friends who travel to Fl for vacations. Peter headed to Columbus for second Revival Waiting School.

In June we drove to Virginia for Chelsea’s high school graduation and the day after people went to Maine to celebrate with His mom her 90th birthday and then fly home with her just in time for revival. The day after revival it was off to Orlando for the General Assembly of the church of the Nazarene where Chelsea competed in World Quizzing and Newman as well in Children world quizzing.

In July we hosted 29 adults from Papua New Guinea (PNG) that will forever impact our hearts and lives and Peter worked daily for over 10 days hosting many of these visitors to America. They slept on the floors and throughout the parsonage. During part of this time Becky and the kids returned to Virginia to visit family.

In August Peter, Becky dad and a few others headed to Alaska for a work and witness team while Becky with the kids in early August to Virginia for family camp. In mid August we hosted VBS in our church and saw a great influx with new lives in our church. In late August Peter went to Maine again for a revival with Elaine Pettit Ministries, while Becky took Chelsea off to College in Mount Vernon Ohio to Mount Vernon Nazarene University. ( MVNU).

In September we stayed home and started up health children and youth ministries and got use to Chelsea being away from home the best we could. We made several more trips to the beach and continue to enjoy our ministry and families times in our new home while Peter made a short 7 hours trip to Panama City for the pastor retreat on the district.

In October we headed to the soccer fields with Brigette and Newman, while Rayna discovered new friends and new connections through Young Life and Levi discovered the world of bowling. Chelsea fly home for a fall break as we celebrated her 18th birthday with her.

In November we celebrated 20 years of marriage enjoyed the warm weather and welcome more people into our new church home as we have seen health growth over the past 11 months. We took a week’s vacation as we headed to Lynchburg, Va for Thanksgiving and reunited briefly with Chelsea who drove with Aunt Phyllis from College.

Now December is moving fast with Christmas parades, parties and lights. Now is a time to thank you our friends and family for your love and blessings throughout the years. It has been a very busy year and our collective driving and flight miles as a family rounded off just over 40,000 miles.

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