Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why do you attend the church you do?

As a pastor I seek to grow and develop our church so that we might win some to Christ.

When I began thinking about why people attend a certain church it made me think about my why as well.

First my why changed from not being a Christian to becoming one. Therefore, from that point on the Lord lead me to a church.

Once inside the doors it was the people that keep me coming back. It was not the music, the buildings or the programs or activities, but the people. In particular at age 19 it was a young teenage that kept me coming back.

Now as I fast forward 20 something years ahead I see we live in such a different day. Attending a church as a Christian is a must from a biblical point of view, yet it has become somewhat optional from those who make a profession.

As I think about even the few times we visited strange new churches on vacations as a family it was always the people that we were attracted too. It was ALWAYS about connecting with someone or several. Since Christ is in our, who is the hope of glory it makes sense that we are the attraction or not

Some churches are truly very friendly and people hang around chatting after a service or function while many come and leave as quickly as possible it seems.

As I begin to think about reaching into peoples lives today with a message of the gospel I process several things. One, if they attend a church already or not. If so, I ask more questions to see how close we might be on the same page in Christ and enjoy that common bond as God allows.

Two, If they do not attend or belong to a church or fellowship or do not really have a clear profession of faith, then I look to find some common ground and begin try to begin a relationship without the constraints of Church having to be part of that connection or relationship, even though I will share and invite when the timing I feel is best.

Truly people want to be loved and cared for without expectations. After living in FL for 10 months now I have a number of new and growing contracts. Of those, 4 have attended some sort of church function and meet other people, yet most have not gone much beyond that yet. It takes time, prayer and common interest to win people to Christ. But it especially takes a friendly church environment to keep them as well.
The next time you attend church think about your availability to be connected with someone new. You may not invite someone new, but your friendliness or lack there of could determine if someone who came once will want to come back again.
When was the last time you invited someone new into your home, church, life events or out to grab a coffee or meal?

Let us win the lost and connect with people in truly caring ways.

8 years ago my daughter was on a T- ball team and we connected with one family out of dozens and today they are full members of our last church and serving the Lord with all their hearts.
Let us wins some by our love and friendships .

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