Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I agree with President Obama, but ......

For months I have been concerned about the values of the Christian community let alone those we are trying to reach. I have spoken to those beyond the walls of my own denomination and church. It really seems the church in north America has slide back in its values. Issues from the Emergent church to creationism verses evolution and the rapture verses the great tribulation. The Church is in decline while the lost have no interest in traditional church.

In my own ministry I have seen lives changed and some growth, but never the way I had hoped and thought would be when I entered the ministry. I could blame others, but I’ll take my fair share of the blame upon myself. In large measure, trying to be politically correct combined with a lack of prayer time has probably hurt more churches then most would be willing to admit.

Within the last year I discovered that one of my old professors from College is still teaching science, but now he has adopted the theory of evolution as part of his Christian faith. I don’t know how he believed the lie from the devil on that one, but he continues to this day to teach that man evolved and that it fits right inside the creation story perfectly. Truly his writing in my opinion are a bunch of bunk and junk. Even one of the students on campus currently told me that everyone knows him as the professor who teaches evolution.

Then there is the emergent church mystery of the day. What is it and who are they? Well after a year of reading about it and discussing it, I finally came to my own conclusions. I can look back now and see that I was headed into that slippery slope myself through the blind acceptance of the Christian pop culture theology . Even within my own denomination I see many whom I am friends with that have accepted evolution and emergent thinking as the way of the progressive Christian thought. But as for me I am sticking to the bible regardless of what anyone says including President Obama.

So what did Obama say? He said we were no longer a Christian nation, but a nation of many thoughts and religions. Well, as much as I did not like those statements, I must admit, that he is right. I wish he were not right and I would rather he made a more politically correct statement so as to not offend so many Christians, but nevertheless he said what he said for reasons of acceptance I am sure among the secular world. Yet his statement was so true! Snce indeed so much of our culture has gone by the wayside of Christianity we are not a total Christian nation as we once were.

Recently I watched the Ken Ham broadcast from the Creation Museum and his presentation on the state of the Union 2 as he spoke about the Presidents comment. He really nailed it as to the true situation we are in. He did not give solutions per se, but at least he has given me a solid perspective that feels accurate for us as bible believers to respond too.

What do you think?

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