Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Food did Jesus eat for Thanksgiving?

In my devotions today I was reading from John 4:27-38. There was alot of lessons in this short passage, but verse 34 especially caught my attention with tomorrow being Thanksgiving Day and so much attention focused on food. Every Thanksgving since I can remember a big meal is prepared and spread with family and friends.

So I began to think about how the disciples were focused on physical food to strengthen the body, but Jesus was referring to spiritual food to nourish the soul.

So what does food do for us? It seems like a stupid question, but nonetheless bear with me. Food satisfies an internal hunger, food taste good, food fill us up, food makes us happy, food gives occasion to fellowship with others and finally food keeps us alive. Bottom line food is great stuff.

Jesus I believe was saying the exact same thing to the disciples. He said , "My food, is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work." As I thought about that it appeared to me that my food should be the same as I walk with my Father through my relationship with Jesus. If everywhere I went and every relationship and conversation opportunity I had was potential food from the Father to satisfy the hunger to please God, to enjoy the spiritually satisfying taste of doing the Spirit's biddings from day to day how satisfying each day would be. To do His will does fill me up and satisfy the longing of my soul. When I can do the will of the Father and enjoy physical food at the same time it's a double whammy blessing.

God help me to be ever ready in his harvest to consume what food he sets before my eyes. May God prevent me from getting side tracked when He calls, that I might be satisfied with the unexpected spiritual meal He places before me more often then I probably often recognize. Oh to dine with the Master and continue in His work that He daily sets before me.

A friend called me two before Thanksgiving with an amazing story of giving through his local church. The stories of spiritual food satisfying hungry souls is yet to pour forth from what I believe was a large step of faith on his and his leaders prompting of the Father.

Dear Church Family,

The Pastor and Church Board wish each of you a blessed Thanksgiving and a joyful Christmas season. When we think about being thankful, our first thoughts center upon God. We have much to be thankful for...families & health top the lists.

For many years I have pondered the possibility of giving back to our church family a gift to let each of them know just how much they mean to God and the Church. Today you are being given a gift of a hundred dollar bill. It is a gift! All we ask in return is that you begin to pray how God would lead you in dispersing His gift to you.

Some are thinking..."What is the catch?" There is no catch, there are no strings enclosed in your envelope. The only thing we ask in return is that you write out a testimony on paper and place it in a box in the back of the sanctuary. Do not sign your name, it is not important who did what, as much as we believe the impact will be something the whole church needs to share. These testimonies will be read by the pastor, and for those who would like to personally share their story, you will given the opportunity to share it publically.

So, take time and begin to pray and seek out how God wants to make you a blessing to someone between now and Christmas. The other thing we felt that was important is this: Perhaps it is you that needed this Gift from God today? Well, now how do you think God knew that?

From all of us to all of you..."It really is better to give than it is to receive"...Happy Holidays!

Which food satisfies you the most? A physical feast or a spiritual one? Let us all be mindful of the Masters table that He sets before us each day and may we find true eternal satisfaction in consuming the food that nourishes the soul.

Happy Thanksfgiving to all.

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Steve Lacy said...

awesome stuff! Looking forward to the testimonies!