Tuesday, October 21, 2014

When Will Jesus Return?

Can we Know When Jesus Christ Will Return?

     The answer is complex and therefore we need to dig down deep into history and Scripture to discover what God wants us to know and what we are not to know.  In order to properly discern the times we have to take a number of subjects, perspectives and tie them all together to discover what God has said, is saying and when He will send His only begotten Son back to earth in bodily form.  

  The bible is a collection of inspired writings of God through the men of God over a period of a few thousand years. The Bible is many things to many people, but one thing it is to me among many is the story of relationship between God and man and ends in a marriage relationship.  In order to discover what to look for to be ready for His return we have to look at marriage to determine His return.  The Jewish history and arrangement of marriage is what will help us discover better about His return.  Jesus is a groom and those who are called his people are his bride. 

   We can also look at signs in the bible to help us determine when this return will occur. One thing God does not want us to know is the exact time as in the hour of day, day of the month and month of the year.  However, I believe we could determine within a 24 hour cycle  a certain day, month of the year and yet miss the exact year.  That alone is knowing God’s schedule , seasons and reasons without know the date and exact time and that is what I believe God wants us to know. In biblical history the groom has up to 7 years to prepare for his bride and pay the dowry. I will never say Jesus is returning on a certain day in the calendar year, but I certainly may suspect a certain every year and prepare myself for that day every year as God gives us great details, but also leaves us with great mystery. What a groom He is with such love for His bride.
Also in order to know the times and seasons of His return we must take in the full council of God’s Word and not just the New Testament or just the Old Testament. His Word is now 2 covenants coming together and so much of it now is coming to pass.

   Science is another factor we must calculate. Much of what is passed off as scientific evidence is often still speculation and not actually observable science. Great discernment is needed among the saints. So many today within the church are split on evolution verses creation. We are told deception in the last days will also be great.  For example, when the bible tells of the length of man prior to the flood and the decreasing age of men after the flood we can never truly object to those long ages of men prior to the flood because nobody was there to prove it one way or another. We have written biblical history and it is contrary to longevity since the flood. So science says impossible, yet the Word says otherwise.

   If indeed the world was completely flooded and is a different world then it was prior, we can only measure science based things this side of the flood.  God said in Gen 2:17 but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”    We know that Adam and Eve did not die the same day as they ate of the tree or did they? Many speculate that God meant spiritual death as result of sin entered into their lives. Indeed I would agree with that, but also 2 Peter 3:8 says “But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”  Yet the bible says in Gen 5:5 Adam died at age of 930 years. “Thus all the days that Adam lived were 930 years, and he died.  So if 1 day is as 1000 years to God then indeed Adam and Eve did die within the first day ( as God sees days). It is a mystery for us in the natural world as we are time oriented people, but Adam did die within a day from God’s Word perspective.
It’s these types of mysteries we have to work through, study through and reflect upon to see if indeed God has more for us to know and see about His soon and coming return.

In revelation we often see the blood of the saints in heaven as a martyrdom blood, but should we not keep in mind the blood of virginity as it related to Hebrew marriage? The robes dipped in blood in revelation may have more meaning to it then what we presume.

   I've been asked to blog and write about his 2nd coming and it does excite me as never before. In the 1980’s I was hoping without scriptural insight that he would return before the year 2000. Now I see so much more and look forward to sharing those things to encourage and admonish the Body of Christ.  Next post will be more about the Jewish Holy Days as it related to His return. 

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