Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is American Dying?

I would like to think that America is well and is as strong as ever, but I'm afraid our leaders as a whole are deeply disconnected from righteous values and moral integrity. They truly reflect us more than we want to admit now and even common sense is missing and we are headed over the cliff within a few short months unless...... For years I have been fighting in prayer and correspondence to my legislative leaders about the issues of the day. The most recent one before 2009 was about the issue of taking away the rights of chaplains to pray in the name of Jesus in Virginia. I got nowhere with that issue either. Even professing Christian leaders in power in Virginia did NOTHING to preserve prayer for the people. I guess they were to busy getting ready for another election year coming up. Since 2009 I still get a constant flow of emails asking me to call , write and beg our congressman, senators and President to stop this or veto that or. vote down this or that. But this year I feel checked in my spirit of the Lord to do nothing in 2009 other than pray. I know I moved and my plate is full, but that is not the reason. I believe the reason is deeper and its a change of course to exclusively look to God and let those in authority do as they will do and pray to God to work behind the scenes. I believe we are at the edge and this administration is locked in and are determined to do what it is intent on doing regardless of what the people will say or request publically. Proverbs 25:5 says "take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne will be. Established in righteousness.". I believe we have elected far to many wicked leaders across the board and the hardening of their hearts this time is beyond the influence of letters and calls. The only way to have true influence for righteousness in 2009 is through prayer. We have much more power in prayer than we want to realize. The greatest turn around's in history were done in prayer. Daniel faced living in a fallen pagan god less culture. He was even instructed legislatively to not pray. But thank God he prayed anyway and at that, he prayed 3 times a day. Eventually through many overwhelming circumstances he was arrested and delivered and the wicked that surrounded the king were removed and righteousness was established. It just took a couple key people and God moving through prayer. But the solutions were all grounded in prayer.

When I get these petitions to sign, request to respond and to call and write, all I get in my spirit to do is PRAY.
My prayer in 2009 for the hope of the next generation and of course this present generation is to pray to have the Lord take away the wicked before the king. Perhaps the cost for some of us is LION den time or jail time. I hope not, but it just might be that kind of a day sooner than we want to realize. We are in difficult times and as a whole the American people have abandoned God and have elected a majority of godless leaders who are now in authority. The prevailing philosophy of these leaders is offerings social solutions to spiritual problems to a sin sick culture. If we want public education to improve we must return God to the public square. If we want medical conditions to improve than we must return moral values to the public square. If we want crime to reverse it's course we need to clean up the airwaves and entertainment venues that include immoral music, movies and the violent gaming industries. The list could go on and on, but true change that is needed now is not more legislative motions, but revival and reformation of the hearts of the people of our American culture.

So my hope and prayer is to rely upon the gospel of Christ thru prayer to see the transformation of one heart at a time. As I pray for the wicked to be removed from authority I hope you might join me in 2009 with more closet time prayer for the leaders in position of authority over us.

Have I grown weary of fighting? No! , but rather I am realizing in this season the Lord would have me do more fighting in the prayer closet and less time in the writing of petitions. Let us all pray for revival and Righteousness to be established again in personal encounters. This is truly our only hope now, that we might be established once more in America as a people of righteousness.

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