Friday, March 6, 2009

68th annual Biker Week In FL

Welcome to my first ever Biker week blog. I must admit the week did sneak up on me. With just 6 days notice I felt our church should do something to acknowledge and reach out to Bikers in the daytona beach area.
Here is a little reflection on my Biker week experience. On the Thursday before the official start I stopped at the Harley Davidson place on I-95. Wow biker everything was there. I spent about 1 hour and 30 bucks for a leather vest. When I got home my Becky and the girls said, " that is so not you". Becky would not even go have lunch with me that week if I wore it. Needless to say i liked and even wore it on Sunday Morning for Biker week. To catch my biker week sermon click here if you got up to 30 extra minutes.

Well I made the promote video for church and the website. See me and Brigette below. I think she will be my biker chick in the family. :)

Then came friday night February 28th. The bikers where flooding into town and the older girls were heading to a Jonas Brothers Movie thing and me and the little ones and a new friend named Mike went to Main St. in Daytona Beach. Wow! that is all I can say. The pictures below are a combination of Friday at the biker thing and Saturday morning at the DeLand 5th annual Biker rally with about 55, 000 motorcycles in town. It was the best Biking day i ever had. I rode witha few others from the church and ended up riding about 80 miles for the day. Lunch on the river, then to the Biker rally and then to Port Orange to a Birthday PArty in the park.

Sunday came and we were hoping for Bikers to roll into the parking lot and to bless them, but it rained and bikers were nowhere to be found. We still had a great day and i have truly enjoyed Biker Week. The motorcyles are still everywhere and next year I hope to do it up even bigger and get my bike fixed up better too.

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