Saturday, April 17, 2010

Federal Healthcare has already failed Millions

Having just meet Dan Boone for the first time at TNU I confess he is a great man and hard not to like. We shared our opinions on things that concern the future direction of our Colleges and our Denomination. But that is a discussion for another time as to our thoughts or at least mine. This morning I was reading the TNU publication when I spotted Dr. Dan Boones Blog. His post was about his thoughts on the HC bill Obama pushed through congress in such a wonderful nonpartisan promised way. :) Sorry Dan, but I just had to share that. See
The blog was interesting and thought provoking , and the stories of those who responded with hope from National healthcare were also very compelling. However, I come from the other side of the fence when it comes to government intervention. After thousands and thousands of dollars and untold sleepless nights with my wife we still deal with a 13 year old son who I put 100% of the blame on the HC of the government system from 10 years ago.

My son is Autistic and was diagnosed around age 3. He has had the best in doctor care and we have never been too thrilled with what happens when the government takes control. Our son is the result of the government working with private corporations to make money at the expense of real people like Levi. My son Levi had his MMR shots in Ma in 1995. Had the government done their job and acknowledged that what they were making available for ALL Children was going to damage a high percentage of them for life it would be a different story. We had one doctor suggest that the rest of our children not get vaccinations because our particular family DNA and makeup cannot handle the mandated shots the government puts out. So the rest of our 4 children are healthy and autism free that God.

As much as I have sympathy for those without heathcare I see national heathcare as an increased problem not a decreased one.

We still hold out hope for Levi and are now working through yet another unconventional form of hope since the federal government refuses to take responsibility for the damages they inflicted on my son and millions of others in this country. I am all about solutions for HC, but not through a federal government who will just turn the people into numbers under another system in the hands of more federal red tape.

Let's be honest, what division of the federal government that touches any of our lives now is anyone jumping up and down about how wonderful it is ? Social security, postal service, medicaid, medicare and the IRS to name just a few. These are certainly criticised more then they are praised. I am all about helping people since I am a pastor, but I sense in my spirit that if this bill goes through and becomes mainstream like the rest of the government programs there will be more than 30 million people crying out in 20 years from now," why did they approve that?"

Sure I want to see 30 plus million have healthcare that are without now, but that need is not the Federal government Job. A book I've read recently called "Simple Church" advocates that what people need is simplicity. Our lives are so full of decisions that it's sometimes hard to order off a menu because of pages of choices. Take Denny's verses Five Guys Burgers and Fries. The menu of Five guys is so simple you can order before you get there. Denny's and others like it has pages of choices. The federal governments JOB is to protect the people and her freedoms that are our alienable rights from God. After that they need to keep it simple. We need a simpler federal government and keep the government protecting our freedoms and lives not providing for them.


Anonymous said...

A hearty AMEN to reduced government control in our lives!!

Unknown said...

This strikes a nerve for us as well - because we have 2 sons with autism and my daughter who did not end up with autism, ended up having migraines after her last MMR about 7 years ago - the very same day she was throwing up and had a migraine and has had them for years now. Since I get them because of an industrial accident my heart cries out when I see my baby girl hurting so bad - she is now ten. When we had the boys in public school we were forced to get them labeled to get help from the school, eventually we started home schooling and it was the best thing we could do for our children.
All this because of government mandates - yes there are times I am grateful for our government programs, however I cannot help thinking that without government involved my children lives would be much better. The adage that nothing is free comes to mind, someone always pays and often we do not see the parallels or connections be we are too busy being snookered by the media or trusting of those that do not have our interests in mind, but they do that there own in mind - mostly at our expense - no matter what side of the aisle you are on politically.

You have some good books there - I am in the process of trying to "read" and utilize 16 differing books for a project I am working on for one of my master's classes - I can understand about the eyes glazing over and the brain starting to get numb -
Thanks for listening or reading my rant -

Anonymous said...

Since you are saying something nasty about the government, wouldn't that make you potentially guilty of sedition?