Friday, April 23, 2010

A Frustrated Thirst for Knowledge

Today I saw my family off to Atlanta as I stayed back for ministry, sunshine and reading. I will admit right now sunshine sounds the funniest of all three. I've been in the office and working most of the morning and now it is 2:10 and as I reflect on my desire to learn, read and discover I find myself a bit overwhelmed. Maybe I am not alone, but I love to read ,but I am just not a fast reader. I get easily distracted and unless I am super energized, books often lull me to sleep.

I’ve tried listening to books, but that takes a different format to listen than reading and sometimes its great (like driving in the car for hours) for passing the time. I love a new book, but rarely do I finish them because I get bored with them unless they are exceptional all the way through. That might be the attitudes of many who listen to preachers preach sermons too. I’ve seen many sleep over the years from my sermons and many outstanding preachers as well.I even dose off in church unless my wife is next to me.

Anyway, today I did a roll call on my current books in motion and I am so overwhelmed on how many are started that I do not know where to begin to finish. I want to finish each, but….

So for the love of books here is my roll call on books at least one chapter started. How many do you have on the burner?

Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey

The Orgins of Species 150th anniversary by Charles Darwin and forward by Ray Comfort.

Fearless- Maz Lucado

The 5000 Year Leap

Preaching the story that shapes us- by Dan Boone

Why We’re Not Emergent by Kevin Deyoung and Ted Kluck

Simple Church by Thom Rainer ( almost Done)

How Jesus treated Others by Morris Venden

Going Rogue By Sarah Palin

Raising a Modern Knight by Robert Lewis

It Takes a Family by Rick Santorum

A New Kind of Christianity by Brian McLaren

The Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley

Person Faith and Public policy by Tony Perkins & Harry Jackson

And of course I am always reading the Bible and I got about 4 more books on hold waiting on me at the Library.

A thirst for knowledge and a lack of time! Am I the only one out there who can’t read fast enough?

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Unknown said...

trust me i struggle with the same thing. i have a stack of books barely opened before i tried to throw another one in the mix. what i do is take two and force myself not to read anything else until those two are done. i am finding that i am getting much more actually read that way.

my book list:
-a theology of love-wynkoop
-a plain account of perfection-wesley

(im scared that if i even think of the stack i have waiting for me after those two, i will fall of track. happy reading!)