Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Emerging Coffee Pot Church

After months of studying and reading about the emergent church movement I have learned a lot. One question was proposed in an article by Rev. David Felter in Sept 2009 Holiness Today was “ARE THE EMERGING CHURCH FOLKS STEALING THE CHURCH?” My answer to that question from the article is both a resounding YES as well as a resounding NO. I believe the whole emergent church thing is not simple, that is for sure. All those "emergent" leaders should read the book,” Simple Church” and make "emergent" more simple.

Yes many within the emergent church movement are stealing the doctrinal clarity away from the those in the pews through false teachings. This cries Danger! Also, the answer is NO! In various ways, many are emerging to break free from ineffective methodologies so that they might more effectively win souls with new “out of the box methods” with the same clear message of holiness. Take the coffee (pot) shop method for example. Using a coffee shop atmosphere to attract people to the table to connect and share. For decades it was the Coffee Pot in the class room and now its the Coffee shop in the foyer. In the church world this is becoming more and more common as a means to share Christ inside the church buildings yet outside the class room. For a Church to use a coffee bar or “Starbucks” method in the church is an emerging methodology. Nashville Community Church at the entrance to the TNU campus is a great example of this. When I was there recently, since my last visit in 1993, a lot had changed. Back in 1993 it was a church building only. Now its facilities have emerged to become a very sensitive facility to better connect to the culture at hand. You now walk into this large area with tables, chairs and a coffee shop, verses just the old coffee pot in the classroom or fellowship hall. It feels somewhat like a mall that people are familiar with, yet with intimacy built into it. Then from that central area are the directions to head toward for recreation, education and worship verses shops to spend money in like a mall. This church facility has emerged in structural methods for the same missional purpose of reaching and disciplining lost people as we are commanded.

My 9 minute chat about Emerging Methods!

Read this article from Sept 2009 as well. By Rev. David Felter

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