Monday, February 27, 2017

7 Last Words & Journey to the Cross

Seven Words from the Cross

1. Week One:  Friday March 3rd 12 noon DeLandCOTN 
Forgiveness- Luke 23:32-38
2. Week Two: Friday March 10th 12 noon: TBA
Salvation – Luke 23:39-43
3. Week Three:  Friday March 17th 12 noon: TBA 
Relationship – John 19:23-27
4. Week Four: Friday March 24th 12 noon: TBA
Distress - John 19:28-29 
5. Week Five: Friday March 31st 12 noon: TBA
Abandonment – Matthew 27:45-47
6. Week Six: Friday April 7th 12 noon: TBA 
Reunion – Luke 23: 44-49
7. Week Seven: Friday April 14th noon Deland COTN
         Triumph – John 19:28-30 

Each week we would encourage you to fast and pray at least one meal leading up to this study/ reflection time or make this Friday season that fast of a meal in seeking the Lord. We also encourage you to invite someone who does not have a faith community that they attend. Spend the next seven week or the next 40 Days from March 1st through April 9th in a special season of prayer and fasting seeking to hear a fresh revelation from our Savior while praying for those who do not walk by faith with him yet. Each week we will notify you as to the next week Location of the service. We will start and end the seven weeks in the church building with communion. If you know of a public location you would like to recommend please let the pastor know. 

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