Friday, May 5, 2017

A Mom Much loved!

       It's May 5th 2017. I just flew up to New England a few days ago to be a part of a ceremony where my mom was being recognized as the oldest citizen in Boxborough, MA. The Award goes back to 1909 when the Editor of the Boston Post created a movement that continues today. In that day he had 700 Canes made worth approx $1000 each made of gold and ebony.  Today this tradition continues in New England in over 400 towns.   The pictures below were taken by a friend of the family named Peggy.  It was a simple and fun formal presentation at the City Hall.  I do not see my mom much and that is a frustration for me personally, but I am so glad I could make this event yesterday.  I live 1500 miles away and even talking on the phone now has become difficult for her. So the in person visits now are so cherished.  
           It's not Mothers Day yet, but I write this post to honor my mom and hopefully she will read this on Mother's Day when I am back in Florida.  To have ones mom into your 50's may not be unusual for many, but for me it is since my mom has lived longer then many women to the age of almost 98. She turns 98 on June 15th and will be featured in the local parade on June 17th as the oldest person in Boxborough. They want her to attend as many local community functions as possible throughout the year. I believe that alone will keep her focused on her new civic duty. She's not real thrilled about being the oldest in town and I get what she means by that, but nonetheless she is a beautiful woman at her age.  She still has clarity of thought, amazing retrieval of memory from decades past and a fun sense of humor. She can eat big meals and loves her cup of tea. She still gets out and walks and loves flowers and lobster.  She is a New England tradition for me and many others and has out lived all her relatives who are older then she.  I do not know know many years she might still have, but then none of us know our own either.   What a joy it has been to visit with her. She plays games, reads and loves her cat Bunny. Bunny is a Maine coon cat that she has had for 18 years. She use to attend church regularly, but rarely does she get up before noon now, but she doe still go, but not as often. When she could attend she hears very little unless you are next to her and even then its a struggle for her. I love my mom and her love of life. Before I left today she said she was going to charter a private plane and take all her family to Hawaii for her 100th birthday. That story is 2 years away so we shall see. Love ya mom.  


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